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After Much Consideration, I Have Decided Not to Buy My Child a M3GAN Doll for Christmas

The $10,000 price tag is just one of many reasons why there won't be a M3GAN under the Christmas tree. 

By James Grebey

It’s the holiday season, which means that, for many people, it’s time to do Christmas shopping. I am one of these people. I have a daughter who I love very much and who I want to purchase a very special Christmas gift for. Unfortunately, and after much consideration, I have determined that I will not be buying her a M3GAN doll, as seen in the film M3GAN, for Christmas. 

On paper, M3GAN, which stands for Model 3 Generative Android, seems like a terrific gift for a child. Powered by artificial intelligence, M3GAN is a child-sized playmate who can entertain and teach a young girl or boy. M3GAN can play games with a kid, sing songs, and even do things like promote good oral hygiene. M3GAN can do TikTok dances! All of this is great, but some aspects about M3GAN have made me decide not to purchase one for my daughter this Christmas.

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To begin, M3GAN dolls are extremely expensive. Spending $10,000 on a doll, even one as advanced as M3GAN, is a lot of money. However, this price tag is far from my biggest concern. 

The bond that M3GAN develops with a child may seem good, but the doll’s programming is overly protective and possessive. M3GAN attempts to replace actual parents or guardians, deeming them to be inferior caretakers compared to it. I want my daughter to love her toys. I do not want her to love her toys more than me, nor do I want those toys to be actively working to exclude me from my relationship with her. 

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Perhaps most concerningly is the M3GAN doll’s immense strength and propensity towards violence. In M3GAN, a doll kills a dog, rips off a child’s ear and leads him to his death in a car accident, murders a woman, and then hacks two people to death with the blade of a paper cutter. I understand that some of the best toys can be a little dangerous, but M3GAN isn’t like a Slip ‘N Slide or lawn darts. M3GAN doesn’t cause death or injury due to an accident or misuse. The doll is quite literally killing people. That, to put it bluntly, is not what you want from a toy.

It is for these reasons that I have decided not to purchase a M3GAN doll for my daughter. I will, however, buy her a Blu-ray/DVD of the 2023 film M3GAN. It’s available here. A sequel is already in the works and tentatively set to open in early 2025.

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