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SYFY WIRE I Know What You Did Last Summer

'I Know What You Did Last Summer' series slashed by Amazon after one season, will not be renewed

The new take on the slasher won't live on into Season 2. 

By Matthew Jackson
I Know What You Did Last Summer Still

I Know What You Did Last Summer won't survive another year of slasher fun. Deadline is reporting that Amazon Prime Video has cancelled the horror series after just one season.

Based on the 1997 film of the same name, which was in turn adapted from Lois Duncan's novel, the series offered a new take on a classic story about a mysterious killer stalking a group of teens who covered up a murder. But while it definitely drew from some familiar story material, creator Sara Goodman wanted the new IKWYDLS to stand on its own. That meant a similar premise, but a different group of characters, different locations, and an entirely different ending to the central mystery that shocked viewers when it arrived last November. 

With a cast that included young talents like Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso and more, I Know What You Did Last Summer was the latest series in an ongoing push from Amazon to add more young adult content to its Prime Video catalog, a push that has included previous hits like The Wilds and highly anticipated upcoming work like Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty. Because the story was being adapted into a series, it was also a showcase of some very intriguing horror worldbuilding, including the introduction of a mysterious cult tied to the small town where the action takes place, that Goodman teased would have had a bigger role in Season 2. 

"Originally, Season 2 was all the cult," Goodman told Collider last year. "And then some of the relationships in the show developed in different ways than even I expected at the beginning when we were mapping it out. But the cult is a huge part of the history of this town and these kids and their parents and the belief systems. And yes, the cult would be huge."

I Know What You Did Last Summer premiered October 15 on Prime Video, and released eight episodes in its first season in less than a month, making it a fun Halloween season binge for viewers. Sadly for fans, it looks like those eight episodes are all we'll get. The series was a co-production of Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television, and it's unclear right now if Sony would be willing or able to pick up the ball from Amazon and run with the story to a different streaming home.