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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 03/30

By Kayleigh Donaldson
Spider-Man: Far From Home

Women's History Month is coming to an end, and so is our amazing podcast series Forgotten Women of Genre. It's been a thrill to be part of Team FANGRRLS as we made this project a reality, and we hope you've enjoyed the fruits of our labor (if you haven't listened to it yet, subscribe to Strong Female Characters on iTunes!)

For now, check out the top ten most read posts on SYFY FANGRRLS from the past seven days.

Battle of the Planets

 - Battle of the Planets, the show that introduced '70s kids in the US to Japanese animation

If you were a kid growing up in the first days of Star Wars fever then you probably loved Battle of the Planets too. Jenna Busch digs into this nostalgic favorite. 

 - Spider-Man doesn’t have to be straight or white and neither does any other superhero

Sony's legal stipulations for Spider-Man included the caveat that Peter Parker has to be straight and white, but really, isn't that boring and unfair and super out-of-date? 

 - 8 theories for why Nick Fury called Captain Marvel

When there's soemthing strange in the universe, who's Nick Fury gonna call? Carol Danvers!

 - The strange loves of Storm

Before she married Black Panther and became Queen of Wakanda, Storm had some very interesting romantic flings, which our own Sara Century looks into.

 - The most hated characters in genre are teen girls but we're sure there's a good reason

Some of the most loathed figures in geek fiction are adolescent girls but it's definitely not misogynist, okay? The fabulous Jenny Trout breaks it down for us. 

 - Chosen One of the Day: Grown baby Amistad from Young Justice

Aww, look at adorable toddler Amistad in Young Justice understanding the basic biology of pregnancy!

 - The Disney live-action remakes we actually want to see

With Dumbo now in theaters, we look at a few of the Disney live-action remakes we would love to see happen. Call us, Bob Iger!

 - Inside the world of geeky sexy toys

Why yes, you can buy Aquaman dildos. And yes, they are called AquaMoans. FANGRRLS talked to the company Geeky Sex Toys about the intersections of sexuality and geekdom and all the liberating puns within. 

 - The beginnings of a deadly plan are finally revealed on Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands returned to TV for the remainder of its third and final season. Carly Lane recaps the events of the midseason premiere. 

 - Did we get a new origin story in Star Trek: Discovery’s 'Perpetual Infinity'?

In the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, it seems that we got a new origin story for Trek lore. Swapna Krishna's weekly recaps break it down.

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