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Series Reveal: IDW's new fantasy adventure 'Bermuda' is filled with dinosaurs, wizards and more

By Jeff Spry

Centered around the notorious paranormal territory in the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico known as the Devil's Triangle, a rousing new fantasy adventure title from IDW Publishing is destined to become one of this summer's hottest hits — and SYFY WIRE has a first look and series reveal of the highly anticipated miniseries to share.

Bermuda hails from the all-star creative team of writer John Layman (Chew, Detective Comics) and artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men, Fantastic Four), whose talents are showcased in this four-issue limited series packed with exotic dinosaurs, dark wizards, and bizarre monsters.


The debut issue arrives in July and targets that renowned region of the Atlantic Ocean where airplanes disappear, sailing ships are lost, and innocent souls go missing, never to be seen or heard from again. Within this mysterious location where time and space intersect, there's an uncharted island untouched by calendars or civilization where all who vanish end up — human or otherwise!

Here on this wondrous jungle island resides a resourceful 16-year-old girl named Bermuda, who battles to survive against an onslaught of prehistoric animals, bloodthirsty pirates, strange mer-creatures, and otherworldly threats. When an unusual new kid washes ashore, Bermuda might face the toughest challenge of her life: a hazardous rescue mission that could be the death of her.

Bermuda slice

The Eisner Award-winning Layman is best known for Chew, for his cult comic series at Image with artist Rob Guillory which follows USDA agent Tony Chu and his food-centric psychic abilities helping him to solve crimes.

“Probably the single upside to the past year has been that Bermuda got some extra time, and it shows on every panel on every page," Layman admits in IDW's official press release. "This is a gorgeous book, just staggeringly beautiful, and it’s been a thrill to see the pages roll in. It’s certainly one of the most stunning comics I’ve ever been a part of — and it’s a whole lot of fun too!”

bermuda slice 1

Nick Bradshaw's vivid illustrations for Bermuda strike a perfect balance of discovery and wonder.

“Drawing comics for me is tuning out the day and falling into worlds of adventure," Bradshaw reveals in the IDW press release. "I’ve enjoyed creating every panel of Bermuda and I hope it shows. This book was my retreat over the last year and I tried to give it all the love it deserves.”

bermuda slice 3

“Both John and Nick are putting their hearts into Bermuda," notes series editor Scott Dunbier in a statement. "The story crafted by John is exciting and entertaining, and every gorgeous brush stroke that Nick puts to paper is a joy to behold. We love this book and think you will, too.” 

Now gather your bearings and journey into our exclusive four-page peek inside IDW's Bermuda #1 in the full gallery below.