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Image Comics takes aim with killer new series 'Assassin Nation': Check out our 'chat' with the characters

By Ernie Estrella
AssassinNation 01 Cover A

Even though it's only January, Assassin Nation is already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated Image Comics releases this year. It's written by Rock Candy Mountain creator Kyle Starks and is drawn by the Eisner Award-winning artist Erica Henderson of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl fame, and tells the story of 20 hit men and bodyguards attempting to protect the world's greatest assassin — their boss — against a great threat.

At the same time, they're hoping to figure out who exactly is trying to pick him off and take his title. In the vein of Deadpool, Hot Fuzz, or an early Guy Ritchie movie, Assassin Nation is aiming to be a rib-tickling, raucous murder spree with a record-setting body count. Watch the trailer below to get a taste of the comic:

SYFY WIRE had the treat of "speaking" to not Starks or Henderson, but two of the cast members of the series — yep, two characters. Check out this exclusive sit-down with Smoke and Wistful Stan.

Smoke Headshot

So your name. Is it like “up in smoke” or more like “smoke and mirrors,” or do you just really like inhaling carcinogens?

Like, I move like the smoke? I’d say that’s probably my best asset or whatever. I can get in and out and around without being noticed. But also, it’s a euphemism for killing someone, so. Two different metaphors or whatever other than the ones you said.

How long have you been a hired gun?

How long have you been asking stupid questions? I’ve been doing it for a minute. Since college. You get out of college, you get a job.

What’s one thing you always pay top dollar for?

I love clothes? Like, not like the vanity of it, but if I see a dope design? I can’t resist. And, I mean, it’s one of the benefits of being in a lucrative career. You can afford good stuff that you couldn’t before. But also, you know, you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp on weapons and stuff.

Whom would you never kill, not for all the money in the world?

I’m a professional. There’s no one I wouldn’t kill. Except, like a baby, I guess? I wouldn’t kill a baby. I mean, that’s messed up.

Wistful Stan headshot


How long have you been wistful, Stan?

I’m Wistful Stan, yes? Where am I? Who are you? What is this?

What’s your weapon of choice?

Why are you asking me these questions? Did the Feds catch me again?

What was your first kill like?


Describe your perfect Sunday.

Not being dead yet? Where’s my ride? Why am I here?

You can meet more of the Assassin Nation crew of hit men by heading over to Monkeys Fighting Robots to meet Dave, Paste Magazine to meet F*ck Tarkington & Meat Stick, The Beat for an introduction to Bishop, and finally Multiversity Comics to meet Fernando.

Check out the promo art by Henderson below and meet the entire group on March 13 when Assassin Nation comes to a comic shop near you.