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Harry Potter meets LOTR in first look at Image Comics' new high-fantasy series 'Inkblot'

By Jeff Spry
ink hero

Steeped in the sort of colorful, complex worldbuilding familiar to avid fans of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises, an ambitious new fantasy series from Image Comics titled Inkblot is poised to enter our realm on Sept. 2 with its striking debut issue — and SYFY WIRE is conjuring up a special exclusive preview to share with budding witches and wizards around the globe.

Inkblot is the impressive result of an epic team-up between third-generation comic artist Emma Kubert and talented Kubert School graduate Rusty Gladd.

This intriguing ongoing series chronicles the adventurous tale of a sorceress savant desperately trying to correct her biggest mistake — the accidental summoning of a magical black cat that can effortlessly travel through time, space, and reality. Unfortunately, this precocious kitty threatens to disrupt and unravel the fabric of the entire universe, but actually doesn’t care and simply won’t listen. Sweet Suckleberries!

ink 1

As the daughter of comics veteran Andy Kubert, Emma Kubert was born into a creative clan nearly unrivaled in the industry. Her grandfather was the legendary DC artist Joe Kubert, whose work on Batman, Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, and Tor, inspired his two sons, Andy and Adam Kubert, who have both provided artwork for BatmanThe Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, and X-Men.


"Creating Inkblot has been an absolute dream come true, mashing together epic fantastical elements with silly characters and creatures," Kubert tells SYFY WIRE. "We were influenced by many magical universes, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time, but Rusty and I longed to mold something entirely new and entirely our own because of our love for the fantasy genre and all things magic.

"Through our totally collaborative methods of comic-creating, we brought a new twist to the genre that could only be made with both of our ideas and efforts. As you dive into the realms of these worlds, you will unravel dark mysteries and exciting adventures, all escorted by our mischievous little Inkblot cat."


Gladd is a rising star in the comics business and thoroughly enjoyed the process of crafting something distinctive.

"Inkblot is the result of two dynamic imaginations made real through art," he tells SYFY WIRE. "Engineering this universe has been a blast; It's a wild spin on the fantasy genre, and answers the question "What if our hero of god-level ability was limited by the physical and mental capacity of a cat?"


Now check out our exclusive four-page peek at Image Comics' Inkblot #1 in the full gallery below.