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SYFY WIRE Important Toy News

Important Toy News: You can buy a real Robotech cockpit to live out your anime dreams

By Loryn Stone
Kidslogic Robotech VF1S

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that makes sure you know everything about the coolest findings in the toy world this week. Join me, the internet's favorite toy journalist, as I show you amazing toy after amazing toy at a rate so unbelievably fast, you don't know whether your spirit or your wallet will break first.

But get ready, because this week, we are busting out another huge, enormous, and very expensive premium toy.

Kidslogic Robotech VF1S

Well, all right — the word toy is a little loose, but hear me out because this beauty is so damn cool. Newly released with an MSRP of nearly $2,000 is a 1:6 scale VF-1S cockpit from the Robotech/Macross series. I repeat — six of these equals one real-life Robotech Fighter aircraft (if they were real). This item was first shown off in 2017, opened for presales in 2018, and quietly slipped onto the market in very limited quantities between April-June of 2019. You can actually order it from BigBadToyStore, which seems to have a few in stock.

If this is where you want your $2,000 to go, you really need to act fast, because these are going to blast off into the Zero-G Love before you know it. What’s even more exciting in regard to this piece is that it’s not simply a (HUGE) piece of eye candy; it’s a digital audio system complete with speakers, an LCD screen, and all sorts of goodies!

Flame Toys Nemesis Prime Furai Model Kit

On the topic of mecha stuff from Japan, let me introduce you to the Transformers Nemesis Prime IDW version Furai model kit. It’s made by Flame Toys and distributed in the U.S. by Bluefin Brands. While I don’t always discuss model kits here on Important Toy News, I think this one is especially cool.

There’s a huge resurgence in tabletop gaming (more on that in a moment, stick with me) and I think model kits fill the same void. You get to sit at a table and slowly build something with your hands, taking your time, and seeing your creation unfold. What’s especially attractive about these Transformers Flame Toys kits is that the pieces are big and chunky and they’re easy to build. Perfect for beginners, and who isn’t a fan of Transformers? You can snag one now for $45.

Kotobukiya Mega Man

On the topic of model kits, you’ve got to check out this awesome line of Mega Man kits from Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya. Coming out in January 2020 for about $25 are four new poseable action figure style kits. The wave of snap-together figures includes Mega Man, Roll, Zero, and Protoman (whose little scarf never ceases to amuse me). Mega Man, the star of one of the most popular video games in history is fully posable after assembly, and he comes with effects parts for his normal and charged states, as well as three interchangeable facial expressions with tampo-printed eyes! He also comes with an E-can. Don't miss out on this amazing hero; order him and his friends today!

Missing media item.

Let’s move this party back over Stateside and show off some amazing pieces from Diamond Select Toys. Coming in December 2019 are a three-pack of figures from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or as I affectionately call it, the best show on television. And it is such a wonderful thing to see the characters immortalized in this beautiful first wave by Diamond. This three-pack has a very affordable MSRP of $49.99 and is due out December 2019. You can preorder them today from BigBadToyStore.

This assortment of 7-inch scale action figures shines a spotlight on Season 3. Aang, Katara, and Zuko each come with accessories and interchangeable parts, and each comes packaged on a blister card.

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Galaxy Red Psycho Red

Whether or not they meant to, Best Buy dropped a bomb this week. The company revealed that Hasbro is releasing a new two-pack in their Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figure series. This comes only days after Hasbro revealed a new Green Ranger/Putty two pack and the second wave of Lightning Collection figures that were announced at SDCC (MMPR Pink Ranger, Red Beast Morphers Ranger, Beast Morphers Gold Ranger, and Lost Galaxy Magna Defender).

The two-pack in question? Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Red Ranger Vs. Power Rangers In Space Psycho Red Ranger. I’m such a fan of the Lost Galaxy aesthetic — the Charlie Brown squiggles kill me. This two-pack will have an MSRP of $39.99, and according to Best Buy, it will be “coming to retail soon.”

Mezco Toyz Harley Quinn One_12

In fancy toy news, Mezco Toyz showed off the newest creation in its One:12 Collective line, the infamous Harley Quinn. The One:12 Collective Harley Quinn wears a fitted jester suit with ruffle detailing around the wrists and pom-pom detailing around the collar, and comes complete with three head portraits, portraying her alluring yet utterly insane visage. Harley comes well-equipped to cause chaos in the streets of Gotham with an oversized mallet, a grenade, a bomb, a pop-gun with attached cork, a rocket launcher and rocket, and a Joker doll. It is available for preorder now with a shipping date of April 2020 and MSRP of $90.

FunkoGames FunkoVerse

We’ve hit the end, my toy-loving friends, and we’re wrapping it up with tabletop gaming (told you we’d come back) and Funko Pops! One of the SDCC reveals to press members was the announcement of a new subdivision of Funko called Funko Games. Their flagship game? It’s FunkoVerse!

FunkoVerse is a world where either 2 or 4 players (depending on the game) can roll dice, follow gaming instructions, and move around the world using the most adorable little 3-inch Funko Pops. Once you see these little game pieces and characters in person, you realize how well the little iconic, exaggerated toys work as game pieces. Out the gate, Funko Games is releasing FunkoVerse featuring a few different franchises. There are two for DC, two for Harry Potter, one for Rick and Morty, and another for The Golden Girls. FunkoVerse will be available for retail purchase October 1, 2019.

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