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Important Toy News: These new Avengers: Endgame figures evaded the snap

By Luke Brown
endgame hero

Have we all caught our collective breath after the surprise Avengers: Endgame trailer drop this morning? Well good, because you might be about to lose it again when you see what's in store for the action figures based on the movie.

Sure, there are other toy reveals this week, but can any of them really measure up to Endgame collectibles?


Grant Morrison's (along with Chris Burnham, Cameron Stewart, Yanick Paquette, et al) major Batman opus Batman, Inc. is almost a decade old, and Prime 1 Studio is finally giving the storyline the collectible it deserves.

Concept Masterline is a new line of statues from the prolific collectible company, and choosing a Batman design that hasn't gotten much play in the figure/statue world is an inspired decision.

prime 1 studio batman inc statue

I've always enjoyed the simplicity of the design, especially when compared to the overly complicated New 52 suit that followed. There's a great deal of textural detail from the piping to the raised symbol on Batman's chest. There's not much motion to the piece, but Batman still cuts an imposing silhouette atop the Gotham rooftop base.

The Batman, Inc. Batman statue is available for pre-order now for $399. A deluxe edition with an alternate head and hand is also available for $449.

star wars muggs


It's been a while since we've seen any new Mighty Muggs from Hasbro after the company revived the brand in 2018. It wasn't clear if the collectible figures with multiple faces had come and gone once again, or if Hasbro might still have plans for the diminutive figurines. The good news is there are apparently more Mighty Muggs coming under the Star Wars banner, according to Yak Face.

BB-8, a Porg, Snoke, and a First Order Stormtrooper will be coming at some point this year to join the existing Star Wars Mighty Muggs from the original and new trilogies. The Snoke figure looks particuarly demented, but the other three all have pretty strong designs.

Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of the alternate expressions yet, but hopefully Hasbro will have more details on the when and where for this new wave soon.

sideshow juggernaut maquette


Juggernaut is making a big comeback in the collectible world as of late. He's got a new Marvel Legends figure coming later this year, which is a slight improvement over the build-a-figure version released a few years ago, and now he's got a boss new statue coming from Sideshow Collectibles.

Teased this week, the Juggernaut maquette is a killer piece featuring the X-Men villain smashing through a door of some sort. With only one image available so far, it's a little hard to tell if it's a bank vault door, or maybe an X-themed door at Xavier's school. Either way, the statue is quite dynamic and captures the scale and scope of Juggernaut really well.

The detailing on his armor, down to the scarring from punching so many walls, is top notch, and the pure joy on his face from getting to smash something is palpable.

More details and images should be available next week when the Juggernaut goes up for pre-order on Thursday.


For really real, don't read on if you don't want potential Avengers: Endgame spoilers.

Last chance.

Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame sighted at TRU in Montreal, but Street dated for April. Shout out to the poster!

Posted by Toying Around on Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Hasbro's first wave of Avengers: Endgame figures have leaked to retail, though they aren't expected to be out officially until early April. Most of the wave had been shown off at various conventions over the past year, including Living Laser, Nighthawk, Citizen V, Hercules, and even Ebony Maw. The movie-centric figures had been under wraps, even as recently as Toy Fair, but with today's trailer drop, it seems all too appropriate for news about these figures to break.

The first two Endgame characters joining the mix are going to be Ronin and Captain America in his Quantum Zone (?) suit/battle suit. The Captain America figure is just okay. The suits in the trailer all the Avengers are wearing look a bit brighter, but the real issue is how generic it makes Cap look. Ronin, on the other hand, is a really cool-looking figure. The comic costume translated fairly well to the big screen, and the inclusion of a "star-throwing" hand is a nice touch, too.

The build-a-figure for this wave is a new Endgame Thanos, complete with battle armor and a depleted Infinity Gauntlet. I'm not sure what the big blade weapon he's got is, or what role it will play in the film, but this BAF is much improved over the Infinity War Thanos Hasbro put out last year.