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Important Toy News: This Tony Todd Candyman action figure is unsettlingly real

By Loryn Stone

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that brings you all of the latest and greatest in toy culture. Learn what's out there in the toy and collecting world, and see how fast you can go broke making those shelves full of pretty, pretty things.

We have a lot to cover this week (and we hope you like superheroes), so let's dive headfirst into that toy box...

Bandai Spider-Man Advanced Suit SH Figurarts

Kicking it off far from home (see what I did there?), we'll start with two Spider-Man action figures from Japan. New from Bandai's S.H. Figurarts line come the awesome Advanced Suit Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home figures. The Spider-Man Advanced suit edition, as all Figurarts do, stands about 6 inches tall. It has an MSRP of $75 and will be released in September 2019. He is fully articulated and comes with extra props and accessories for you to put him in a wide range of poses!

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And next up from Bandai in their S.H. Figurarts line is the Spider-Man: Far From Home action figure. Standing 6 inches tall and fully articulated, this tasty dish will be available August 2019. He has an MSRP of $60, a bit cheaper than our advanced suit buddy above.

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Wave

And while we already reported on the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Build-a-Figure line that Hasbro announced, there's no shortage of Marvel Legends on the lovely toy collecting horizon.

The news that Hasbro is bringing Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and two double pack sets featuring Wolverine vs Hulk and The Grandmaster vs Korg isn't sizzling fresh, however, we were finally treated to some lovely packaging reveals this week!

These toys will stand 6 inches tall and have that very specific Marvel Legends articulation and feel to them. I'm experiencing it for the first time as a Power Rangers collector whose new Lightning Collection figures look and act nothing like Bandai's. They have an MSRP of approximately $24.99, likely more for the double sets, and will be available at major retailers.

Marvel Legends Wolverine Logan Variant

Previously thought to be a GameStop exclusive, the Marvel 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Wolverine "Logan" variant has shown up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse. It has an MSRP of $19.99, stands 6 inches tall, and is expected to ship in October 2019. Marvel's Logan fan figure comes with premium design, detail, and articulation for high poseability and display in a Marvel collection. The high quality, realistic, 6-inch Legends Series Marvel's Logan figure features multiple points of articulation and is a great addition to any action figure collection.

DC-Creativity and Historical Collection

Segueing onto DC toy news reveals an interesting prototype we're hoping doesn't suffer the same canceled fate as the Lucha Explosiva line we discussed a few weeks back.

DC is calling this planned line of toys their "Creativity and Historical Culture" collection. The flagship wave of toys is a collaboration with Pop Life Global and China's Imperial Palace. No further information about their size and spec, price point, or availability is available yet.

Sideshow Collectibles The Joker

And to wrap up our superhero toy news segment, we'll end on a high note with a gorgeous statue that few of us can reasonably afford. But man, will we be happy going broke trying.

From Sideshow Collectibles comes an insanely accurate and wildly exciting Joker statue from his depiction in Batman: The Animated Series. Look at that grin, you can practically hear Mark Hamill's distinctive howling/growling voice coming out of its face. This statue has an MSRP of $425, stands 17 inches tall, is available for preorder now, and will be out for shipping March-May 2020.

Kidrobot Tiny Toons-Animaniacs Toys

And since we're on the topic of '90s toys, we need to take a look at Kidrobot's newest line. We'd previously discussed their Pinky and the Brain collectible vinyl art statue. Now, get ready to climb the Aggro-Crag to Awesome Town. Available for purchase today are keychains, enamel pins, and vinyl toys featuring characters from Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, and a random Freakazoid pin because heck yeah.

You can check out the entire collection on Kidrobot's website, which clocks in at a very delicious and affordable MSRP of about $5.99 per item.

Bandai Boba Fett SH Figurarts

In movie toy news, we have two incredibly good-looking action figures from two very different franchises.

First in line, right on the heels of the Star Wars's May the Fourth comes an amazing Boba Fett figure from their S.H. Figurarts line. He is shipping in September and is available for preorder now. Boba Fett is currently on sale, and you can get him for about $45 instead of the usual $60. He stands 6 inches tall and in Figurarts fashion, is completely articulated. Like, infinity billion-point articulation.

NECA Candyman Figure

Next up, we're checking out NECA Toys, which did something really special with this Candyman action figure. Seriously… wow.

Candyman is one of those super unique horror films that's a complete stand-out once you see it. Part boogie man story (albeit Tony Todd is probably the most handsome boogie man out there), part Phantom of the Opera, part Romeo and Juliet, all unsettling imagery. Like park bathrooms and… bees.

He is 8 inches tall, wears fabric clothes, has an MSRP of about $33, is available for preorder from BigBadToyStore, and has an alternate head that is swarming with bees coming out of his mouth. Candyman is expected to ship in November 2019.

Storm Collectibles Guile

Because everyone loves to play games, and play with toys, and play with toys based on games, let's wrap up this week's Important Toy News with two bodacious new reveals from game franchises.

Storm Collectibles, the silent striker that makes awesome toys, never reissues them, and barely updates its website reveals a gloriously majestic Guile from Street Fighter II. Guile's face is twisted in his trademark "never should have been portrayed by Van Damme" tough-guy sneer. His hunch and pose are absolutely perfect, and the muscle definition on his arms and stomach are astounding. Because Storm's Sagat from Street Fighter figure costs $80 and will be debuted at San Diego Comic Con, there is speculation that it might be the same for Guile, but there is nearly zero information about him other than this excellent teaser photo from Storm.

Iron Studios Dungeons and Dragons

And last, but definitely not least, comes a special Dungeons & Dragons-related treat from Iron Studios. Do you remember the D&D cartoon from the '80s that aired sometime between Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Teen Wolf, Popeye and Son, and Mighty Mouse? Well, now you can get statues of all of those characters in a little piece of Dungeons & Dragons history!

The figures have an MSRP between $94-$115 each, are sold separately, and will ship October-December of 2019. They are available for preorder today. Included in the line are the Dungeon Master, Presto the Magician, Diana the Acrobat, Hank the Ranger, Eric the Cavalier, Bobby the Barbarian and Uni, and Sheila the Thief. They are gorgeous, perfectly sculpted with perfect body language and character traits on their faces.

They stand about 6.5-11 inches tall, depending on the piece. While some think the cartoon might be a classic, and others think it's lost to the sands of time, I think there's one thing we can all agree on: Game of Thrones has become more like D&D fanfiction than this old cartoon ever was.

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