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SYFY WIRE Warp Factor

In honor of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Christopher Pike, this is your life! [Warp Factor 2.7]

By Brian Silliman

Welcome back to Warp Factor, where we're changing course to celebrate the news of the recently announced Pike-centric series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Anson Mount will star as Captain Christopher Pike, alongside Rebecca Romijn (Number One) and Ethan Peck (Spock), and they will all continue their adventures on the pre-Kirk U.S.S. Enterprise following their appearances on Star Trek: Discovery. Mount is not the first actor to play Captain Pike (he follows Jeffrey Hunter and Bruce Greenwood), but he quickly made the role his own.

He had some fun along the way, he ruffled a few feathers, and he's not only getting his own series ... something the fans have been asking for ever since Season 2 of Discovery ended. He's also getting his very own retrospective!

That's right, it's time for a Warp Factor Special: Christopher Pike, this is your life! Watch below, and in honor of Pike, "hit it."