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SYFY WIRE interview with the vampire

'Interview with the Vampire': Louis struggles to contain his inner demon in exclusive Episode 3 clip

There's some trouble brewing at the Pointe du Lac household this week!

By Tara Bennett
Interview with the Vampire

Louis de Pointe du Lac is not having the easiest time transitioning into his new vampire reality.

Since being sired by Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) in the pilot episode of AMC's Interview with the Vampire, Louis (Jacob Anderson) has tried to cling to his human ways, avoiding typical vampire feedings and trying to maintain the same ties with his family and business associates in Storyville. But that's all coming to a head in this Sunday's new episode entitled, "Is My Very Nature That of a Devil."

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In SYFY WIRE's exclusive scene from the upcoming episode below, Louis returns to his family home after disappearing for six months. And his momma (Rae Dawn Chong) is not having it: 

It's no secret that Florence de Pointe du Lac hasn't been OK with Louis since her troubled son Paul (Steven G. Norfleet) took his own life and she blamed Louis. Now that Louis has come back at night and is asserting his place as the executor of the family with impunity, the family blow up isn't surprising. When he violently seeks entry and scares Grace (Kalyne Coleman) and her girls, actor Jacob Anderson tells SYFY WIRE that's not just his vampire side coming out in the heat of that moment.

"I think he’s somebody that to some extent feels cheated," Anderson muses. "I think in this human existence he can’t quite find his place. He’s kind of stuck between all of these masks and all of these personas that he’s created for himself.  And I think he feels chapped by it and he’s not quite sure who to blame. Sometimes that manifests in rage and he kind of sends it to the wrong people. I think that's where it comes from, when you spend your life having to hide who you really are, you reach resentment."

Readers of Anne Rice's book will know that Louis' further estrangement from his human life will usher in a new family that's soon to come on the series. In fact, Louis and Lestat's circle expands in the fourth episode of the series, airing Oct. 23, and SYFY WIRE will be covering the arrival of a character who will become integral to the future of the two vampires. Be sure to circle back for our coverage next week.

New episodes of AMC's Interview with the Vampire drop on Sundays, or early for AMC+ subscribers.

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