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Marvel Comics will replace Danny Rand as Iron Fist with a new character next year

Danny Rand is Iron Fist no more, but who will take on the mantle next?

By Matthew Jackson
Iron Fist #1 Cover

Since 1974, Danny Rand has held the mantle of Iron Fist in the Marvel Universe, wielding the power of Shou-Lao the Undying to harness devastating, kung-fu infused superpowers. Now, after all that time, Danny Rand is Iron Fist no more, but who will take up the mantle next?

In the pages of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny Rand actually lost his connection to Shou-Lao's power, giving up the might of the Iron Fist in a sacrificial move to save the world. Fortunately, Marvel continuity has established that Iron Fist is not one hero, but a long heroic lineage stretching back centuries. That means another warrior can step forward, claim the power, and be the next Iron Fist. This February, Marvel plans to show us exactly that.

After dropping teaser images for something new on the Iron Fist front on Thursday, Marvel Comics confirmed Friday that next year will see the launch of Iron Fist, a five-issue miniseries from writer Alyssa Wong (Doctor Aphra) and Marvel debut artist Michael YG, which promises a "revolutionary" new take on the Iron Fist character through the introduction of an all-new hero. 

“It’s an incredible honor to introduce a new Iron Fist to the Marvel Universe," Wong said in a press release. "I’m excited to delve into the comic’s rich mythos and build on it. What does it mean for someone to take up the mantle of the Iron Fist right now, today? As a newcomer, how does one interact with legacy, and how does one honor it while forging a new path?"

The story begins in the wake of the Heart of the Dragon series, as Danny Rand remains convinced that Iron Fist as a heroic legacy is gone. Then, amid a string of demon attacks around the world, a new hero arrives wielding the power that Danny thought was lost forever. But who is this new Iron Fist? Marvel's announcement only tells us that he's a new hero, so we probably can't count on pre-existing Marvel icons here. We do have at least one image to go on, though, in the form of Iron Fist #1 cover art by Jim Cheung. Check it out below:

Iron Fist #1 Cover

Whoever this new Iron Fist, Marvel promises we'll learn all about him when the first issue drops. 

“The first issue is a dynamic, action-packed, eerie and…if I do say, charming comic,” editor Mark Paniccia said. “You’ll get the origin of this new Iron Fist but there are many cool mysteries that’ll unravel over the course of the series. Things even the most ardent Marvel fan would never expect!”

Iron Fist #1 arrives Feb. 16.