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WIRE Buzz: Iron Man VR demo; Jeffrey Wright on The Batman's grounded 'Americana'; The Clearing

By Jacob Oller
Iron Man VR gameplay

Those looking to fly around like Tony Stark won’t need to go to a cave with a box of scraps to simulate their own Iron Man experience. Thanks to a new VR demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, just released onto the PlayStation Store for free today, fans of the MCU and/or flying around like a superhero can try on the Avenger’s mechanized suit for themselves.

Writing on the official PlayStation blog, Isabelle Tomatis explains that the demo comes with a “Malibu” tutorial mission; “Out of the Blue” Stark Jet gameplay mission; an interactive cutscene starring Tony Stark, Friday, and Pepper Potts; and two optional missions (“Flight Challenge” and “Advanced Combat Challenge”). Fans can get a taste of what the gameplay is like from the trailer below.

Check it out:

Flying around a plane, blasting bots — just Tony Stark’s bread and butter. The demo looks to be “a small slice of the main game” as gamers will end the demo being comfortable taking out Tony’s squadron of “Ghost-hacked, Stark Tech” drones.

The full game exclusively hits PS VR on July 3, after getting delayed last week.

Next, Westworld's Jeffrey Wright, who looks to take on the role of iconic Gotham cop Jim Gordon in Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman, has divulged a bit more about what fans can expect from this version of the comic setting.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Wright — who refers to his character as “Jim Gordon” specifically without the “Commissioner” title — draws attention to the styling of the Batmobile as indicative of the film’s overall tone.

Take a look:

“I read that description of the Batmobile in the script and I was like ‘Yeah, that’s it,’” Wright said. “And that really, in some ways, is indicative of what we’re doing in that it’s something that you recognize. Something super hyped — super Hemi-fied — but it’s also, ‘Yeah, of course.’ He took these parts and created the most badass muscle car that you could possibly imagine, but it’s grounded in Gotham. It’s grounded in Americana. It’s something you can relate to, and I think those are the types of elements that were driving us.”

He also had a bit of a slip, which could’ve been a mistake or a clue to fans, saying “the Batmobiles.” Plural. He followed up saying “the shots of the Batmobile,” but it’s unclear if he was simply clarifying or covering. The only thing better than one awesome Batmobile is two, after all.

The Batman has been delayed to Oct. 1, 2021.

Finally, a new zombie movie starring Spartacus’ Liam McIntyre is going straight to Crackle. The streamer acquired writer/director David Matalon’s feature debut The Clearing, about a camping trip set during the beginning of an undead apocalypse.

According to a release, McIntyre’s character takes his daughter (Aundrea Smith) out into the boonies, which is not quite as safe as one might think when the zombie outbreak begins. Check out the trailer below:

“You think your quarantine is rough?” might be a bit of an insensitive tagline for a film, but this is a movie that looks a bit like an extended action sequence from The Walking Dead, so what can you do? The Clearing — referring to the place where the protagonist’s parked his camper — also stars Sydelle Noel and Steven Swadling.

The Clearing will hit Crackle on June 4.