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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

It's wall to wall zombies in this week's Fear the Walking Dead

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Everyone is scattered, attempting to tie up loose ends before they fly away.

Alicia is lost in a maze of disemboweled zombies when Dylan comes to rescue her and take her to their treehouse (which looks suspiciously like Ewok Village). Of course the kids live in a treehouse. Annie is not happy to see her, and refuses help from Alicia. Annie and Max go out to the forest to repair the "holes" Alicia put in their zombie "fence," but the whole structure comes apart and the zombies chase the kids back to their treehouse. Annie still refuses help, until the zombies break through the fence. Alicia volunteers to kill them while the kids escape and head back to the truck stop. She kills one more zombie with a great splatter of blood - then discovers it is a radioactive zombie. She has been splattered with its blood. Realizes she is fighting a losing battle, she escapes out the back of the area and runs. The herd of zombies follow.


Grace recommends that Morgan go to a local house to find a truck, since she can't leave until the generator is hooked up. He does, and he ends up at Grace's house. She used to have a husband and a kid. He takes the truck, and some protective radiation wear, and heads out to save Strand and Charlie.

In the radiation zone, Strand and Charlie are besieged by zombies. Strand pulls the propeller after him, luring zombies toward him, when Charlie pulls the balloon, creating a hiding place for themselves. The zombies can't get in, and they are safe until Morgan shows up. They roll out and Morgan calls Grace, but the generator has burned out. She doesn't want to be rescued; she wants to get the gennie online. Morgan sends Strand and Charlie ahead, then goes to help/collect Grace. "You are not dead yet," Morgan tells her, "so I'm not going to let you act like you are."

Al is having more airplane trouble. This time it is a gas leak. She takes June to the fuel drop to collect some fuel, then finally admits that, while she had been kidnapped, she admits she met someone, has never felt this way about someone, and doesn't know how to live with the knowledge that someone is out there for her, but she can never see her again.

John finally tells Dwight about Sherry's letter. Dwight isn't mad though. After some soul searching, he has decided to stop actively looking for her, and instead to join the group. He was going to do as Sherry requested in her letter, but still hold hope that he will find her again.


As evening falls, the air raid sirens go off. The other nuclear core is melting down. But, on the upside, the air raid siren is luring all the zombies away from Alicia and the other humans. So... yay?

Children are stupid

Annie is so determined to do what her parents told her that she ignores logic. Her parents are dead, and rather than using common sense to avoid the same outcome for herself and her friends, she insists on staying someplace that is, I suppose, familiar. It is so frustrating. This is why I hate children. 

Maybe it's time to give up on air travel

Over the course of just this season, our heroes have crashed at least two aircraft. One member of the team was kidnapped. They have had a multitude of problems with the planes, everything from mechanical failures, gas leaks, flying propellers, and missing instruments. As far as I know, there isn't anyone that they left back "home," so why go through all this trouble to travel there? Maybe it's time to cut their losses and relocate someplace they don't have to travel by air towards. Stay away from the nuclear power plants, but just drive.


Zombies, zombies, zombies!

This episode was probably the most zombie-filled in the history of the show. There were zombies everywhere: zombie pieces, zombie blood, zombie splatter as they are killed. No spectacular kills or stand-out zombies, but it was quite glorious nonetheless.