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SYFY WIRE Jabba the Pod

Jabba the Pod Episode 6: Yaddle's Journey (The Mandalorian Chapter 6)

By Brian Silliman
Yoda Baby and Yaddle

What exactly happened to Jedi Master Yaddle?

We don't really know for certain, but we have questions. We also have Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian to discuss, as well as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker news and more.

Our heroes over at SYFY WIRE's podcast about all things Star Wars, Jabba the Pod, are ready to take it all on. They may have taken a bit of a pounding last week, but the Starbinger crew (Brian Silliman, Caitlin Busch, and Matt Romano) are back for more action.

Does Mando have to change Baby Yoda's diapers? Should we actually be calling him Yaddle Baby? What secret is Captain Romano keeping? How many idiots can one New Republic prison ship hold? Some of these questions may be addressed.

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