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SYFY WIRE Captain America

Jack Kirby's son condemns Capitol breach and denounces rioters' use of Captain America imagery

By Josh Weiss
Captain America punching Hitler

Neal Kirby, son of prolific comic book creator Jack Kirby, is not holding back on his thoughts about the Capitol breach that took place last Wednesday in Washington, D.C. In an impassioned and scathing statement provided to CNN's Jake Tapper, Kirby voiced his utter distress over the fact that pro-Trump rioters were proudly displaying Captain America imagery on their flags and T-shirts.

"These images are disgusting and disgraceful," he wrote. "Captain America is the absolute antithesis of Donald Trump. Where Captain America is selfless, Donald Trump is self-serving. Where Captain America fights for our country and democracy, Trump fights for personal power and autocracy. Where Captain America stands with the common man, Trump stands with the power and the privileged. Where Captain America is courageous, Trump is a coward. Captain America and Trump couldn't be more different."

Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the Marvel hero made his world debut in March 1941 — about nine months before the U.S. officially entered World War II. From the very first issue, however, Captain America was the embodiment of freedom and democracy, as evidenced by the famous cover on which he socks Adolf Hitler on the jaw (see above).

Neal Kirby added that his father, Simon, and WWII veterans "would be absolutely sickened" by images of the Capitol riot, adding that the attack stands as "an insult" to their memories." He concluded: "If Donald Trump had the qualities and character of Captain America, the White House would be a shining symbol of truth an integrity, not a festering cesspool of lies and hypocrisy. Several of our presidents had the same values as Captain America. Donald Trump is not one of them."

Read the full statement below:

Actor Chris Evans, who portrayed Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let his horror be known in a trilogy of tweets posted last week:

Kirby passed away in 1994 at the age of 76. Simon died in 2011 at 98.