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James Gunn & 'Peacemaker' star Jennifer Holland announce engagement after 7 years of dating

The creator and star of Peacemaker are tying the knot.

By Matthew Jackson
James Gunn and Jennifer Holland GETTY

James Gunn is adding a real-life wedding to his always-growing list of upcoming projects. The director and writer behind the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker announced he is engaged to Peacemaker star Jennifer Holland. Gunn and Holland, who plays Emilia Harcourt on the hit HBO Max series, have been dating since 2015. 

The couple first revealed the news with a photo on Gunn's Instagram account that featured Holland sipping from a mug while showing off a new engagement ring. The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker co-stars Viola Davis and Steve Agee were among the first to congratulate them on social media.

Not to be outdone, Peacemaker himself, John Cena, congratulated the couple on Twitter and then promptly offered to preside over their wedding in the Peacemaker costume, provided Warner Bros. would once again loan it to him. Gunn neither accepted nor declined his offer, so there's still hope on that front. 

According to a recent Hollywood Reporter profile on Holland, she met Gunn through a semi-blind date set up by their mutual friend, Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum. The pair hit it off immediately, though Holland admits she had no idea who Gunn was at the time.

“I just told him my whole life story,” Holland recalled. “We spent like seven hours together and that’s it. That’s how it started.”

Though they've been together for seven years, and Holland appeared in Brightburn, which Gunn produced, the pair didn't work together as director and actor until The Suicide Squad. At the time, as far as Holland knew, the role of Emilia Harcourt was a one-off supporting role in a massive blockbuster. It wasn't until the pandemic hit, and Gunn hatched the idea for Peacemaker, that the role grew into something bigger. 

Now, Peacemaker is one of the biggest streaming hits of the year, and even as he works on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn is preparing to return to the series for a second season, which will presumably also include Holland's return as Harcourt. There's no word yet on when the couple plans to fit a marriage ceremony into all of that, but in the meantime we wish them all the best and look forward to seeing whatever elaborate choreography they've got planned for the reception.