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How Jason Momoa's Fear of Dentists Inspired One of Fast X's Wildest Fight Scenes

As the old saying goes: Dom plans and Dante laughs.

By Josh Weiss
Fast X Trailer

With his bulging muscles, thick beard, intense gaze, body-spanning tattoo collection, and passion for motorcycles, Jason Momoa seems like a paragon of macho guy toughness. The dude couldn't possibly be afraid of anything, right? Well, here's the truth: If you come anywhere near his mouth with metal instruments in the hopes of removing a buildup of plaque, he'll run screaming for the hills.

"I'm a wussy and I'm terrified of dentists," the actor confessed during a recent interview with ScreenRant. Due to this phobia of dental professionals, Momoa never had his wisdom teeth removed, which, ironically, prompted a tooth extraction when he cracked a molar.

The Aquaman alum ultimately took full advantage of that blank space at the back of his mouth while filming the Fast X scene where Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) beats up the movie's sadistic villain, Dante Reyes.

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"I was like, 'This would be funny if you just beat the sh-t out of me and I'll pull my tooth out and [say] d-ck or poopy and just throw it at him,'" Momoa revealed. In actuality, Dante calls Dom a "butthole," because — ya know — that's a much classier term.

In any case, the goal was to give Fast & Furious audiences a new breed of antagonist who isn't phased when the hero decides to turn them into a fleshy punching bag. Instead of fighting back, Dante simply cackles like a Joker-esque madman through the blows.

"It's not that we don't want to see them fight because that showdown's going to come and that'll be violent, especially with someone who just adores pain and is probably already dead inside," Momoa explained. "It's scary when someone's getting off on that pain. And so I wanted that to be there. And through that, his humor."

The baddie's love of ballet was also a last-minute addition to the scene:

"We just made all that up where I'm like, 'You don't like ballet?' And he's like, 'What?' And they let me do it," he continued. And then I started doing Swan Lake and I literally am googling Swan Lake on set going like, 'Oh, I got to figure out how to do this.' I don't know if they left it in there, but I'm dancing around and there's stuntmen and there's grown-ass men watching me prance around and do ballet. And I haven't seen the movie yet, but hopefully it's in there. But yeah, it just kind of gets born within in the moments."

Fast X is now playing in theaters everywhere. Click here to pick up tickets! To date, the film has grossed over $500 million worldwide.

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