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Jeremy Renner hits the meta bull's-eye with Hawkeye-worthy outdoor collection

By Benjamin Bullard
Ronin/Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame

Well, at least he’s not actually doing all those terrible things to Japanese mobsters with all that downtime he’s been spending away from Hawkeye. Fresh off his redemptive Ronin story arc in Avengers: Endgame, Jeremy Renner is donning the rugged sportsman vibe here in the real world, debuting a curated line of outdoor gear that — can you see this coming? — includes a bow and arrow.

The guy who plays Marvel’s one and only ace shot couldn’t launch a new Amazon partnership without at least a nod to Hawkeye’s high-velocity hardware. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at “The Jeremy Renner Store,” a one-stop, Renner-approved shop for all the necessities and niceties you’ll need to rough it (or simply go glamping) the next time you want to get in touch with your inner survivalist. 

The bow-and-arrow tie-in isn’t Marvel-branded, but that isn’t stopping us from drawing a fun parallel in the life-imitates-art department. For MCU fans, Renner has become every bit as inseparable from the character he plays (or more so, some would vehemently argue) as any of his fellow Avengers. He’s been doing it longer than most of them, too, so by now his bow skills should be legendary — or, at least, we’re ready and eager to believe that Renner knows bows. 

Jeremy Renner Amazon Storefront
Renner told People that his new collection actually reflects the things he loves about spending time at his Lake Tahoe lodge, where “these items are all a part of life out there.” In all, there are 90 products in Renner’s Amazon quiver, and they range from the seriously practical (like hiking boots, bear spray, and folding knives) to the comfortable and lifestyle-focused (like Levi’s jeans and trail mix).

Priced at $229, the Bear Archery compound bow that Renner reps is taking aim at the entry-level end of the marksmanship spectrum. But we’re guessing that even if Hawkeye were equipped with nothing more than the $26 Scout bow set for kids (also featured in Renner’s list), he’d still manage to bag a Chitauri trophy or two.

Renner said the idea is to cover both the serious and the fun ends of the outdoors spectrum, because sometimes all you need is just a wisp of that wilderness feeling — even if you don’t want to rough it. “The only law in nature is Mother Nature herself so you want to be prepared,” he explained. “But there are also things that are just fun to have when you’re outside … things that you want."

Renner’s recent product plugs definitely fit his real-life interests, though. Instagram followers know he’s an avid outside guy, so tie-ins that promote companies like Jeep and Coleman feel right at home — which is more than we can say for Clint Barton at the start of Avengers: Endgame.

“There’s an openness and serenity at Lake Tahoe,” Renner told People. “You kind of circle back to what you want and what you are when you’re there. Me walking into a movie theater in any city to go see Endgame wouldn’t be that type of environment.”

At least Renner won’t have to combat the theater crowds to check himself out in his next announced Marvel project. The upcoming Hawkeye series will put him back in the iconic deadeye marksman’s role on the small screen, with the new MCU-connected show slated to arrive at Disney+ starting in the fall of 2021.