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Jeremy Renner reveals new Hawkeye series at Disney+ will include Kate Bishop

By Benjamin Bullard & Don Kaye
Ronin/Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame

Jeremy Renner kind-of, sort-of recreated a famous Robert Downey, Jr. moment from San Diego Comic-Cons past on Saturday, sashaying his way through the audience toward Marvel's Hall H stage to tease fresh news from his upcoming Hawkeye series, set to launch in 2021 at Disney's new streaming platform.

We're not sure why Renner channeled his fellow MCU star's memorable 2012 Comic-Con entrance — which featured RDJ boogeying down the lane to promote Iron Man 3 — as the ideal way to bring his character into the panel's whirlwind-fast lineup of big announcements. But it turned out to leave just the right impression: Renner's time with fans was short but sweet, giving impact to a quick-hit update to the new live-action show he's working on for Disney+.

In addition to revealing the series will be simply titled Hawkeye (as Marvel confirmed soon after), Renner said the new show will indeed include the Young Avengers' Kate Bishop, and billed it as a chance to dive deeper into his darker side as Ronin, while passing the torch (or should we say the flaming arrow?) to his younger protege.

Jeremy Renner SDCC 2019 Hawkeye

"This is so amazing... what I'm going to do in the show is shepherd an amazing character, who will hopefully be a better version of me," said Renner, whose Avengers: Endgame appearance found Clint Barton's character taking an infamously bad (read: murderous) turn after Thanos snapped his family out of existence. The actor also posted a video to his Twitter account, which revealed a glimpse at the animated sequence prepared as part of the presentation -- and a glimpse at Bishop herself. 

Renner's update marked the first substantial Hawkeye news since Disney+ revealed the series back in April, and continues what's becoming one of the longest-running stints among the core lineup of early MCU actors (Renner first appeared in character in 2011, alongside Chris Hemsworth in Kenneth Branagh's Thor).

Marvel and Disney haven't given a specific premiere date, but the in-development series is slated to appear on Disney+ sometime in the fall of 2021.

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