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WIRE Buzz: Julianne Moore to tell Lisey's Story for Stephen King; Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite unveils a trailer; more

By Don Kaye
Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore will star in the title role of Lisey's Story, the latest Stephen King novel to be adapted to the screen in the ongoing resurgence of the author as a highly viable source of content.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the 2006 book will be turned into an eight-episode limited series for Apple TV's soon-to-be-rolled-out streaming service. King himself will write all eight segments, while J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot company will handle production. Directors for the series have yet to be named.

Lisey's Story is one of King's more personal books and follows a woman who is still grieving after two years over the death of her husband, a famous novelist. She begins to learn secrets about him that she never knew or had repressed, including his dark family heritage and his ability to transport himself to a strange land of monsters called Boo'ya Moon.

King and Abrams have teamed up before, for the Hulu series 11/22/63 as well as the anthology show Castle Rock, and King himself is everywhere these days, with Mr. Mercedes getting ready for a third season, The Stand and The Dark Tower in development at CBS All Access and Amazon respectively, Pet Sematary out in theaters now, and movies like It: Chapter Two, Doctor Sleep, and more all in the pipeline.

Remember Hell Fest, last year's throwback horror thriller about a slasher chasing a group of college kids around a Halloween-themed amusement park? Well, the writer of that film, Seth Sherwood, is coming back with another intriguing high-concept horror yarn.

According to Deadline, the movie is called Boyfriend, and Sherwood is going to direct this one as well as write it for a newly formed production banner called BloodList. The premise involves a teenage girl who is tired of being bullied and invents an imaginary ideal boyfriend ... who suddenly becomes real (and, we suspect, wants a word with his lady's tormentors).

Sherwood said, "This is a story I’ve been dying to tell for ages. Our teenage years make up such a tiny fraction of our life, and yet somehow, tend to define and shape the decades that follow. Being a teenager is a horror story in and of itself — so taking all those teen insecurities and neuroses and manifesting them in the form of a literal monster is something I find both endlessly fun and terrifying.”

Boyfriend is expected to begin shooting this summer.

영화 '기생충 (PARASITE, 2019)' 1차 예고편

A trailer has surfaced online for Parasite, the new movie from Korean director Bong Joon-Ho. The Korean-language teaser does not quite elaborate on what kind of movie this is going to turn out to be (especially if you don't speak Korean), but it does give us a sense of the general weirdness that this always interesting director has in store.

Bong has spent a lot of time in the horror and sci-fi genres, making some of the most acclaimed films of the past decade with The Host, Snowpiercer (the basis of an upcoming but troubled TV series), and more recently, Okja. The latter two were his first forays into English-language filmmaking, but now he's returned to his home country and native tongue for Parasite.

According to The Playlist, the film is said to be about one family with “unique characteristics" who become obsessed with another family, leading to violence and worse. A Cannes premiere is supposedly in the works, although a U.S. release date has yet to be confirmed.

(via Collider)