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SYFY WIRE Just a Couple of Arselings

Just a Couple of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 1, Episode 5

By Jessica Toomer & Alyssa Fikse

Hosts Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Lynn Toomer are back to break down the fifth episode of The Last Kingdom's first season, which should serve as a lesson to us all about the importance of picking a good sorcerer.

With Alfred’s army split and his attention focused on Guthrum, it’s up to Uhtred and Odda to defeat the Viking warrior Ubba. Uhtred’s got a plan that involves sowing doubt in Ubba’s sorcerer and lighting a fleet of ships on fire but the fight won’t be that easy. And when someone else takes credit for Uhtred’s victory, a rift is created between the hot-headed Ragnarson and the king of Wessex.

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