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SYFY WIRE Just a Couple of Arselings

Just A Couple Of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 2, Episode 5

By Jessica Toomer & Alyssa Fikse

Hosts Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer revisit all of the action in the fifth episode of The Last Kingdom's second season, an episode that proves dead men actually do tell tales.

Uhtred's enjoyed some much-deserved peace and quiet as we pick up on life in Coccham a few years later. He's got a new baby and a finely decorated pagan hall, what more could he want? Maybe Alfred's respect? The king comes calling to chastise his Viking warrior over how he's running things in the village after Aethelwold pays Uhtred a visit to tell tall tales about a dead man named Bjorn who has a prophecy that he needs to hear. After Erik rows up gossiping about the same dead man, Uhtred decides to pay him a visit, sneaking out during the festivities around Aethelflaed's impending marriage to cross over into Daneland where a dude crawls his way out of a grave and tells Uhtred he is to be king of Mercia. We have a feeling Alfred's not going to be happy about this.

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