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SYFY WIRE Just a Couple of Arselings

Just A Couple Of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 4, Episode 10

By Alyssa Fikse & Jessica Toomer

Arselings, we have reached the end of the line for now. The fourth season of The Last Kingdom has come to an end, and peace seems to be an option for the time being. Different from the Danish warlords that came before him, Sigtrygger was willing to broker for peace with Edward and Aethelflaed, setting up a more permanent residence in Northumbria for his people... and for Stiorra.

Uhtred reckons with his return to Cookham with a new sense of purpose — taking care of Edward's firstborn son, Aethelstan. As Aelswith clings to life (rooting for you, girl! Who thought we'd ever say that?), Aethelhelm sets himself up as even more of a threat than ever. Will his sway over Edward continue to grow, or will the king learn from past mistakes? Will Brida survive giving birth under a tree alone? Do those looks between Finan and Eadith mean that love is on the horizon? Will Uhtred ever get Bebbanburg back? Well, they better give us a fifth season to answer these questions and more. Until then, destiny is all.

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