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SYFY WIRE Just a Couple of Arselings

Just A Couple Of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 4, Episode 2

By Alyssa Fikse & Jessica Toomer
The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2

Hosts Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer are thrilled to see Uhtred and his crew making their way back to Bebbanburg. After seasons upon seasons of The Last Kingdom featuring Uhtred bemoaning the loss of his ancestral home, we finally see him shipping out with his closest allies to take it back. Alas, the plan does not go as smoothly as one would have hoped.

As Uhtred makes his way to fight his uncle Aelfric, he struggles to connect with his son, Young Uhtred. Raised in a monastery, the pious boy doesn't understand his seemingly barbaric father, and the differences between these two almost seem too great to overcome. However, a pep talk from Father Beocca and seeing his dad in action does start to warm the lad to this action-packed way of life. Elsewhere, Aelswith contends with her waning power by seeking out Edward's secret son. We're as surprised as you are that Alfred's queen is becoming one of our favorites this season, but crazier things have happened. 

This episode ends on an absolutely devastating cliffhanger, so be prepared to hit Next Episode immediately. 

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