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Zack Snyder says his Justice League cut will have about "4 or 5 minutes" of new footage

By Justin Carter
Snyder Cut trailer

When it was revealed that the Snyder Cut for Justice League would indeed be a thing, one of the big questions was how much new footage would be featured in the cut itself. And according to director Zack Snyder, the answer is...not much.

Speaking with Beyond the Trailer, the director revealed that the new version of Justice League, which is being converted into a four-hour miniseries for HBO Max, wouldn't have much in the way of new content.

"In the end, it's gonna probably be about four or five minutes of additional photography," he says around the 10:40 mark in the video below. "For the entire movie."

Shocking as it may be to hear, Snyder is merely setting expectations properly about what the new version will feature. Given the alleged $70-million price tag attached to make the Snyder Cut, and with reshoots having happened in October, it hasn't been entirely clear on how different it would be from the 2017 version. All that has been known is that the updated version will feature scenes involving cut characters like Iris West and Ryan Choi, along with more backstory for Darkseid and Apokolips. 

Other than the amount of new footage, Snyder also noted in the interview that Jared Leto's Joker from 2016's Suicide Squad, recently revealed to be a part of the film, would receive a new look. The director teased that the clown has become "road weary" in the time that's passed since last we saw him.

From the context of the conversation, and given that the clown can't reasonably fit into the actual world-saving plot of the film, it sounds like perhaps we'll be seeing a version of the character from the Knightmare timeline. After all, if Batman survived Superman becoming a tyrant, his nemesis likely did as well. 

We'll see when Zack Snyder's Justice League premieres on HBO Max in 2021.