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SYFY WIRE Star Wars Resistance

Kaz and Torra are on the hunt in this week's Star Wars: Resistance

By Preeti Chhibber & Swapna Krishna
Star Wars Resistance 2x04 4

This week on Star Wars: Resistance we take a needed break from the First Order and the anxieties of being chased across the galaxy to … oh, run out of food and have to hunt a giant beast on an ice planet so that we can survive to continue to run from the First Order. In “Hunt on Celsor 3” Kaz and Torra are on the hunt for food and for a way to solidify Doza’s role as Captain, while he’s being undermined by the pirates. It’s a surprisingly tense episode, with great moments of action and adventure. Let’s get into it! 

Warning: This recap will contain spoilers for Episode 2, Season 3 of Star Wars Resistance.

Preeti: There wasn’t a huge amount of moving the plot forward in this episode, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. I think it set up an internal feud between the pirates and Doza pretty well, so I look forward to seeing that payoff.

Swapna: I thought this was great for a few reasons. First, I agree, I think it was just too easy if the pirates had hearts of gold. Yes, it’s in their interest to help the Colossus and defy the First Order, but they are still pirates!

Preeti: I appreciated the writers giving the Resistance issues on multiple levels; it’s not just external threats and that makes this journey so much more interesting. In the first season, it was a gradual change from largely internal issues to external, so I’m glad to see that continuing. Of course there’s the potential for mutiny, and a lack of rations. They went on the run as a last resort!

Star Wars Resistance 2x04 1

Swapna: And I like that this episode really showed us the consequences of being on the run and defying the First Order. Yes, principles are great, but this is the practical reason people often choose to just go along with tyranny: food on the table for their families, even if they fundamentally disagree with what is happening. That’s a powerful thing, and Resistance explored it in a family-friendly way.

Preeti: It’s also all the more terrifying for it. I want to mention a thing that struck me as particularly chilling, which was surprisingly something that came out of Yeager’s mouth during the episode. He and Doza are discussing “letting” people leave the Colossus. And Yeager’s reasoning isn’t that it would be a security risk, but that to allow them to leave would be detrimental to their safety — it struck me as a “for their own good” argument that isn’t something you often see from the good guys.

Swapna: I saw that another way — that Yeager is concerned that his and Kaz’s choices have put the safety of every member of the Colossus at risk, and that if the First Order finds that they’ve left, they’ll hunt them down. So that makes him responsible for their safety, which I understood. I do wonder which way they meant it, because your interpretation is really chilling. (That being said, they were going to let people leave if that was their end decision, I think.)

Preeti: True! Though it was Doza who made that proclamation in the end, not Yeager. I’m not sure what they intended, though yours is a much more hopeful (and so likely true) reading of the moment. I think I was influenced by pieces of the militaristic hierarchy from The Last Jedi in the way I saw that scene, and that dialogue, play out. It was just such an interesting way to phrase it, and telling (I think) in the way Yeager, as a former member of the Rebellion, challenges Doza (a former member of the Empire).

Swapna: The main plot of the episode, Torra and Kaz going to hunt for some food for the Colossus, was well done. I really enjoyed Kaz’s competence in this episode, once again. This is something we said again and again we were missing last season — he’s really coming into his own as a leader.

Preeti: They’ve allowed him to evolve into a strong strategist and a compelling leader without losing what makes him so fun as a character in a Star Wars series for younger viewers! He’s still kind of a dope, but we love that about him!

Swapna: Let’s talk about Buggles, the best dog that ever did dog.


Swapna: AND SO WOULD KAZ AND TORRA which is why we love them so much.

Star Wars Resistance 2x04 3

Preeti: Honestly, that whole sequence was so enjoyable. Kaz having to turn to CB-23 to be a battery, Buggles somehow making his way all the way to the top of that column (spire? Big giant rock-thing?), and then my favorite moment in the entire episode:

“Jakooz? More like Ja-COOKED.” *finger guns*

In which I am Kazuda Xiono.


I also loved Neeku in this episode. Time and again, we’ve seen Neeku be selfless and sacrifice whatever he can to help his friends and the platform. First, it was great to see Kaz do the same for Neeku, for him to want to go out there and risk his life to convince his friend to stay. But in the end, that wasn’t what Neeku was worried about, and it was so sweet that he traded his personal stuff to help the platform. Although I want Neeku to have all the things because he’s so selfless!

Preeti: Yes! More Neeku! I thought they used his friendship with Kaz to beautiful effect in this episode. It was a fitting end to a story in which people are feeling frustrated and tired. Neeku gave them a little hope in the way that he could. Boom. STAR WARS’ed.

Overall, I really dug this episode but I am looking forward to seeing how the internal politics of the Colossus will end up impacting their place in the Resistance. We know via The Last Jedi that the movement at large will crumble, and it seems like Star Wars Resistance might give us some clues as to how that happened.