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Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne, Smallville in 10 new pics from The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

By Trent Moore
Smallville Crisis on Infinite Earths

The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is getting closer by the day, and now the network has dropped a batch of new pics from Night 2 of the super-crossover. They bring three (yes three) different Supermen, and a fascinating take on Bruce Wayne.

The biggest reveal in the new shots is the long-awaited return of Tom Welling’s Clark Kent, aka the Superman from The WB’s former long-running series Smallville. We sadly don’t see Welling’s Clark suit up, but he instead looks to be working on the farm. The other big reveal focuses on acclaimed voice actor Kevin Conroy’s live acton take on old man Bruce Wayne. Conroy has voiced Batman for decades, in animated projects ranging from Batman: The Animated Series, to Batman Beyond, to Justice League Action

Now we finally have a look at Conroy as live action Bruce. He looks to be wearing a (business) suit, though there’s some interesting tech on his shoulders, is that possibly some type of super-suit gear? So many questions, and it’ll be interesting to see if Old Man Bruce pulls out those detective skills to take on the Anti-Monitor.

The other pics focus on the other Supermen that’ll be present in the crossover, including Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman (the version from Supergirl), as well as Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come-style version of Superman (Routh is pulling double duty as Superman and Legends of Tomorrow hero The Atom this time around). The pics also show a journalistic super team-up between Candice Patton’s Iris West and Bitsie Tulloch’s Lois Lane.

Crisis on Infinite Earths airs December 8-10 and wraps up with a two-hour run on January 14, 2020, on The CW. Check out the shots in the gallery above, and give us your best Old Man Batman and alt-Superman theories.