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WIRE Buzz: Killer pilgrims invade Into the Dark; I See You, The Man Without Gravity trailers

By Jacob Oller
into the dark pilgrim

It’s trailer season — and not just because the holiday-based Into the Dark has a new Thanksgiving episode to show off as it enters its second season. The Hulu show is just one of a slew of properties dropping videos today, though none of the others boast killer pilgrims.

The anthology series recently released the trailer for director Marcus Dunstan’s “Pilgrim,” which is apparently inspired by true events, according to a release. Written by Noah Feinberg, Dunstan, and Patrick Melton, the episode focuses on a family dinner that invites some historical reenactors over for a meal. In the grand tradition of feast horror (and hey, Dunstan wrote a horror trilogy called Feast) like Thankskilling and You’re Next, “Pilgrim” looks to be stuffed with schlocky goodness.

Take a look:

Old-timey dialogue, crazy outfits, and spooky The Witch aesthetics make “Pilgrim” seem like a meal fit to gorge horrorhounds. Starring Reign Edwards, Peter Giles, Courtney Henggeler, Kerr Smith, Taj Speights, and Antonio Raul Corbo, the episode of Into the Dark will certainly give genre fans something to be grateful for.

“Pilgrim” debuts on Hulu on Nov. 1.

Next, Helen Hunt is losing it. I See You stars Hunt as Jackie, a mother afflicted by a strained marriage, a child kidnapping, and a menacing presence in her own home. No wonder she starts to freak out a little. Her husband, Greg (Jon Tenney), and son, Connor (Judah Lewis), are in for some bad times as the Adam Randall-directed mystery unravels — at least, that’s what the trailer seems to say.

Check it out:

Is that Helen with an axe? Please make Helen Hunt into an axe murderer. Written by Devon Graye, I See You also features Owen Teague, Libe Barer, Greg Alan Williams, Erika Alexander, and Allison King as supporting players to Hunt’s dive into madness.

Fans can see I See You when it hits theaters, Digital, and On-Demand on Dec. 6.

Finally, Netflix is giving us a movie about either the lamest superhero or coolest regular person. He’s The Man Without Gravity, which Italian writer/director Marco Bonfanti has created to show the life and times of the floaty Oscar. No, not the floaty Oscar-winner Gravity. A different thing.

Now genre fans can get a look at the film for themselves and decide what to make of the supernatural occurrence:

This whimsical tale, where Oscar is likened to Batman and wears a weighted backpack, looks to be a sweet story about his life ... that will almost certainly end with him floating away into space. Right?

The Man Without Gravity drops on Nov. 1.