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'La Brea' creator teases Season 2 finale will turn the world 'upside down' ahead of Season 3

La Brea creator David Applebaum has big plans for what's coming next.

By Matthew Jackson
(l-r) Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi, Zyra Gorecki as Izzy, Natalie Zea as Eve, Chiké Okonkwo as Ty

We've come to expect big developments with a show like La Brea. The sci-fi adventure series has defied expectations and changed the game more than once in its two seasons so far. What started as a mystery sinkhole? It's now a full-on sci-fi time travel thriller. Now, as we approach the Season 2 finale this week, creator David Appelbaum is teasing even more big shifts ahead of the show's third season.

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The two-part season finale "The Journey," airing Tuesday night, will pick in the wake of the destruction of the Lazarus Tower, which wasn't just a ticket home for some characters, but also a place that represented redemption and even a second chance at life for others. Losing the tower, and everything it contained, will make the finale "bleak" in a lot of ways, but speaking to TVLine about what's coming, Appelbaum also teased some hope.

““We start the episode really at their low point," Appelbaum said. "We’ve seen that the building has been destroyed and the way home for everyone is gone with it, but people are also trying to find new ways for hope, new ways they think they might be able to live down here. The thing they’ve been investing in, this way home, is gone. But they’ll see very quickly there’s a new reason for hope — because they’re going to discover the possibility of another portal.”

We don't know yet how that new portal will manifest, or what it will mean for the show's status quo, but it'll be very interesting to see how "The Journey" sets the table for what's to come in the show's third season. At the moment, we know very little about what's next, other than a potentially shortened episode order and a production schedule that picks up, according to Appelbaum, "in about a month." What we do know, though, is that we can expect a typical La Brea finale experience: A big story that sets the stage for a paradigm shift.

“Some of our characters are going to be brought to new places that we won’t expect, and there are going to be strange new things brought to the world of 10,000 B.C. that we haven’t seen before,” Appelbaum said. "Akin to the opening credits, “The world of the show is going to be turned upside down as we head into Season 3.”

La Brea airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. In the meantime, you can catch up with the season so far streaming on Peacock.

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