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SYFY WIRE DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Two heroes exit and a wild alien cliffhanger in Legends of Tomorrow season finale

By Trent Moore
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

It's become tradition at this point for Legends of Tomorrow to subvert expectations of what you might expect from a "superhero" show, and this year's season finale was no exception. The big battle for the fate of the world? It featured shake weights, a pogo stick, and was set to a live rendition of "The Thong Song." That's Legends in a nutshell.

Spoilers ahead for "Swan Thong," the season finale of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, June 2, 2020, on The CW.

Not long after escaping from their TV sitcom purgatory last episode, the team made short work of the Psycho Fate pretty early, wrapping her up in the Loom of Fate and destroying it in the process. So the Loom is destroyed at the jump, and the team searches out a historical junkyard to find where the Waverider had been dumped (thankfully Mick still had the keys, and hilariously walked the "lot" clicking the button on the fob to locate the ship). With Gideon missing, the Legends use Nate's metal skin as a conductor to get the ship in the air to make a time jump — though he can only muster a few months into the future.

Though things look somewhat normal from the jump, it becomes pretty clear the remaining Fate has still manipulated this reality, now weaponizing history as evil examples of free will gone wrong, and turning the Loom's omnipresent advice into a smartwatch. With the world confused in the wake of the Loom's destruction, it works. She even makes a museum of the world's worst villains, featuring a few rogues highlights from this season. The Legends rank No. 2 on the list, while the "Loom Breaker" Charlie is imprisoned as Public Enemy No. 1. The team rescues her, though she's still questioning whether free will is worth the trouble.

While it seems like the Loom has been reassembled, it turns out the Fate has simply hijacked Gideon and has her running a Loom program that is piped into all those smartwatches. So there isn't actually a Loom anymore — just an AI making its best guesses based on the time stream. The team hides out as their wax museum counterparts to confront the Fate, though she brings a few of those Encores back for a final battle to try and stop them. That's where the aforementioned junk battle set to Sisqo kicked in (of course "The Thong Song" is a major staple of History's Worst Ideas in the museum, though Nate just couldn't resist hitting the button anyway).


After slugging it out for a while, Charlie comes to her senses after a chat with Mick's daughter. She makes the case that, were the world not so screwed up, she'd have never existed and never gotten to know her father. It might not be perfect, but it's life. Things get messy, but oftentimes they're still worth it. At that, Charlie brings some Hell weapons to the mix and the Legends are able to make easy work of the lingering Encores.

It's not all smooth sailing, though. Behrad is suffering from memories and physical manifestations of his death from the original timeline — the one that spawned the OG Zari before she was replaced this season. It seems with both Zaris in the mix, the time stream is breaking around Behrad, to the point it might eventually kill him to try and "correct" the fact that he's both dead and alive depending on the timeline (with both active due to both Zaris kicking around). So OG Zari gets a chance to say goodbye to the team, and to Nate, and voluntarily heads back into the totem. It's a sad but fitting way to wrap up her story. She spent her time with the Legends trying to save her brother. With this sacrifice, she finally did just that.

With the world free and the time stream restored, the team heads back to where Charlie's story first began, rocking out in the old British pub where Charlie rocks out with her punk band The Smell. For a show that's always operated with a punk rock attitude, it just feels right to see them decked out in punk gear and throwing down. But with her Loom adventure complete, Charlie decides to retire from the Legends and stick around — meaning the team will now be down two Legends heading into next season (counting the extra Zari who exited).

Astra also looks to be on her way out, after hanging around the past few episodes. She gifts Constantine his soul coin back and plans to try out a human life — though she jokes she'll be setting up shop in Constantine's manor. So maybe this isn't quite the last we've seen of her just yet.

Of course, it's not a Legends finale without a cliffhanger, and this year brought a weird one. With the team walking off into the sunset, Sara is abducted by a … tractor beam? And … beamed up to a spaceship? Or something? While the team fails to notice she's missing behind them? Yeah, plenty of questions left for that one. The network tease for next season promises the Legends will be fighting aliens, so that should definitely be wild.

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