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The team heads to 1940s Los Angeles, and hell, in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Constantine and Sara

The worst of the worst from history continue to wreak havoc on the timeline after being released from Hell. This time around its legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel, who is back from the dead and taking over Los Angeles.

Spoilers ahead for “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

It’s always fun when the Legends of Tomorrow head to a new time period, and the trip to 1947 Los Angeles did not disappoint. We got the period garb, the “dames” and “dolls,” and a romp through history for the A-story to get the “encore” of Bugsy back to where he belongs. The mission serves as a chance for the newly unemployed Ava to settle into her new role as a Legend, though she’s not too keen after being paired up with Rory to basically serve as lookout and backup. Having Ava adjust to her new normal is a compelling story, and that her healing process got her on stage to drunkenly butcher Bell Biv DeVeo’s “Poison”? All the better.

Sara even got a chance to use her charms to seduce Bugsy (he’s in possession of a magical gun the Legends also need to take off the board), while Ray went undercover as a police officer — though that plan didn’t pan out when they release he’s the only honest cop on the force. As for Constantine, he takes on the guise of a PI working the case for Bugsy’s girlfriend, who it turns out is trying to take control of Bugsy’s blackmail stash to use that power for herself. Her quest sadly ends with a car bomb, though not before she has a connection with Constantine.

Legends of Tomorrow Ava

So, once they’ve captured Bugsy, Constantine uses him as a ticket to Hell to have a conversation with Astra — the evil ladder-climber trying to take control of Hell’s leadership all her own. But just when it seems like Constantine might pull the trigger on that magic gun and stop Astra for good, he has a change of heart — and vows to save her soul, some way and somehow. Considering Astra’s death and condemnation to Hell has been a driving force for Constantine’s redemption going all the way back to his short-lived solo series at NBC (which was great, by the way), this is an excellent move that not only shows Constantine’s growth after spending so much time with the Legends, but it gives him a tangible goal to save himself. Now, as for whether it’ll work? The odds aren’t looking great, because Astra is very good at being very bad.

But, before you think Constantine has gotten too far from his rough and tumble roots, he does use the final bullet in that magic gun to put one into Bugsy. So, he’s still Constantine.

We also get some momentum on the Zari front, as Nate accompanies B back to his family home and comes face to face with his sister Zari — though it’s not the Zari any of us remember. This rewritten version of her is a social media influencer and apparent pop culture icon. She has no recollection of Nate, though she tries to use his interest in her to glean some intel on B’s secret life with the Legends. Her plan pretty much works, until B opens a portal back to the Waverider and brings Zari along as a last ditch effort to stop her from alerting their parents that he’s not really in business school.

So now Zari is back on the Waverider, it’s just that she (and the Legends) don’t remember her actually being part of the team. So, umm, progress at least?

Next week: The team is out to stop the Prom Night Slasher in a episode that looks like a good ol’ horror movie romp.