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Genghis Khan, Scoots MaGoots, and Constantine vs. lung cancer in latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore

The “encores” continue to cause trouble across the time stream, and this week legendary conqueror Genghis Khan is making a play for Hong Kong circa 1997. He also has a secret weapon.

Spoilers ahead for “Mortal Khanbat,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

In a world of straight-laced television, Legends of Tomorrow continues to be just gloriously weird in all the right ways. This week the team faces off against a resurrected Genghis Khan, who spent 700 years digging his way out of his tomb and is now trying to take over the Triad. The Legends try to take him during a Triad meeting, but a massive shootout breaks out, as the Arrowverse gets to do its best John Wick impression and it’s a ton of fun. 

Khan is admittedly a bit shallow when it comes to a Baddie of the Week, but he at least figures out the natural evolution of the horse to form the centerpiece of his modern day world domination: Scooters. Yeah, that’s right. Scooters. Nate started up the scooter craze this week with his own scooter (nicknamed Scoots MaGoots, because of course), and Khan takes the idea and runs (err rolls?) with it. When it’s all over, Charlie gets the drop on him and sends him back to the afterlife with his magical sword.

But the real story this week, honestly, is the character drama wrapped around the Baddie of the Week. With Sara still MIA taking care of business off-screen, Ava gets a chance to once again lead the team, and looks far more comfortable at the helm of this ragtag team of heroes. Charlie also returns this week, and we learn she and B hooked up after the HayWorld debacle (which was right after the timeline was altered and the original Zari was rewritten). They clearly have feelings for one another, and Charlie reveals he secret that’s had her on the run most of her existence (and why she most recently ran off without saying goodbye), finally coming clean to the team that she’s a "Fate" of the famed “loom of fate.”


She apparently broke the loom thousands of years ago and scattered the pieces across the multiverse, which was presumably enough to weaken her sisters (the other Fates of the Loom). But with the multiverse no more, al the pieces are now present on Earth Prime — and Charlie’s “sisters” are out to kill her.

Constantine’s sudden battle with lung cancer, brought about by Astra having his “soul coin” prematurely wound to its end, also picks up this week. In classic Constantine fashion, he’s bitter and pissed off and trying everything he can to stave off this fate. He even calls in Nora the fairy godmother for an assist, but not even her powerful magic can undo this fate. After raging against the dying of his light, though, Constantine comes to realize he’s not the same man he was a few years ago. He has people in his life who care about him, so after pushing away Gary and Ray, he decides to spend the evening bonding with his new mates.

But, growth or not, he’s still Constantine. When they toast Constantine’s life, he instead takes a poison to go out on his own terms. The move brings Constantine face to face with Astra, with just a few seconds left ticking on his life clock. But in that moment he finally gets through to Astra, promising he can bring her mother back to life and fix the mistakes that led Astra to become a jockeying demon of hell in the first place. The way to make that work? He needs a loom of fate. Yeah, it’s all coming full circle.

Oh, and we also got Prince Charles kicking it with Mick on the Waverider. And it was glorious.

Next up: Legends of Tomorrow returns on March 10. It looks to be a play on Mr. Rodgers, and oh! Damien Darhk is back (somehow?), so that should be wild.