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Batgirl battles Scarecrow in exclusive scene from LEGO: DC: Batman - Family Values

By Brian Silliman
LEGO: DC: Batman - Family Values (Batgirl)

How does Batgirl in LEGO form stack up against Batgirl in human form? Pretty darn well — from what we're seeing, she can kick evil in the rear no matter what form she takes.

Batgirl and the entire Bat-family have just hit the streets in LEGO DC: Batman - Family Values. The gang's all here, including Batman (Troy Baker), Nightwing (Will Friedle), Red Hood (Jason Spisak), Robin (Scott Menville), Batwoman (Tara Strong), and naturally Batgirl herself, as voiced by Young Justice's Alyson Stoner. The Gotham rogues are well represented as well, with appearances from most of the Bat's biggest foes, including Penguin (Tom Kenny, who also voices Jim Gordon) and Scarecrow (Steve Blum).

Luckily for them, Bane and Gotham Girl aren't around — they're pulling all kinds of crazy in the Batman comic right now, and we'd fear for our LEGO friends. And luckily for all of us, we have an exclusive clip of LEGO Batgirl fighting a much more manageable LEGO Scarecrow instead.

Take a look right here: 

Jonathan Crane, you are no match for the power of Batgirl's LEGO building abilities. Crane's gonna have to up his game of fear and mayhem if he's able to be defeated with a fan. Come on, Crane, you can do better. 

The real danger for our heroes may not even lie with the villains at all — whenever there are multiple members of the bat-family in the same room, it's only a matter of time before the bats start hitting the LEGO fan. How long until Nightwing and Red Hood start ripping each other to literal pieces? We're giving it five seconds or less. 

LEGO DC: Batman - Family Values is now available in both digital and physical formats right now.