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Lex Luthor returns? Jon Cryer 'absolutely' up for reprising Arrowverse villain beyond Supergirl

One of the Arrowverse's biggest Big Bads might not be gone forever.

By Matthew Jackson
Supergirl 620 Still Lex Luther Press

Supergirl, the CW series charting the adventures of Superman's Kryptonian cousin as she protected her world from dangers near and far, wrapped up its six season run this week with a finale that delivered a satisfying, happy ending for Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), and most of the rest of the Super Friends gang. One of the great joys of the series, though, is that it was established as part of bigger multiverse of stories, particularly in its final seasons, and that leaves the door open for various loose ends to potentially be wrapped up elsewhere in the fabled Arrowverse. 

Take Lex Luthor, for example. While the legendary Metropolis villain's ending on the series could only really be called a loose end depending on how you look at it, there's a definite potential for him to cause more mayhem elsewhere on the CW, and Lex Luthor actor Jon Cryer is willing to be along for the ride. 

**Spoiler warning for Supergirl's finale ahead!**

The Supergirl series endgame involved Lex teaming up with the Fifth Dimension being known as Nyxlygsptlnz to attempt to seize control of the Multiverse. In an epic final battle that included the returns of villains like Red Tornado and Overgirl and the return of Legion of Super-Heroes allies for Supergirl like Mon-El and Toyman, Lex opened up the Phantom Zone in an effort pull Kara and her pals back into it. But the Phantoms within were more drawn to Lex, and the villain was pulled into the Zone, seemingly trapping him there forever.

“His motivation through the entirety of the series is entitlement and rage and feeling as though the arrival of Superman — not necessarily even Supergirl, but Superman back in the day — just his arrival on Earth was such an insult to Lex," Cryer told TVLine in a post-mortem interview about his character's fate. "To quote Michael Jordan, ‘and he took that personally.’ That he would end up shooting himself in the foot in such spectacular fashion is very satisfying because he is the epitome of self-involvement. He’s narcissistic and self-involved and entitled — that is him as an icon. The whole journey of the show has been leading up to that.”

So, Lex is trapped in the Phantom Zone seemingly forever... but how long can even that particular prison hold a villain of his stature? As Cryer points out in the same interview, every prison that's ever held Lex has eventually fallen to his influence and ingenuity, and with the added motivator of revenge this time around, it wouldn't necessarily be that hard for him to get out.

"If anything, the Phantom Zone would make him more dangerous," Cryer said. 

Of course, whether Lex ever actually does escape on camera is up to the powers that be at the Arrowverse. It certainly feels like there's room for him, particularly now that Kara's cousin Kal-El (Tyler Hoechlin) has his own series in Superman & Lois on the network. And according to Cryer, he's definitely game to come back... if the stars align.

“I’m open to it," he said. "The quarantine was the biggest thing that was making shooting difficult [for a crossover], but now that that’s gone, it’s a whole different situation. I loved being this Luthor in the Arrowverse, and I want to respect that. If producers come up with good arcs for the character, I’m absolutely up for it.”