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SYFY WIRE Lisey's Story

WIRE Buzz: Stephen King hands-on for Lisey's Story; Dawn of the Paladin rises; more

By Jacob Oller
Stephen King

On this afternoon's editon of WIRE Buzz, we've got an update on the upcoming Stephen King adaptation of Lisey’s Story, which is getting a limited series on the Apple TV+ streamer directly from King himself, who is writing all eight episodes.

The series stars Julianne Moore, Dane DeHaan, Joan Allen, and Sung Kang. Moore plays the titular character, who discovers dark secrets harbored by her late husband (Clive Owen). Speaking to Collider, DeHaan said that not only has King written all the episodes, the prolific horror legend is taking a hands-on approach to filming as well. “He’s on set a lot,” DeHaan said of the author.

“He’s very into what we’re doing and the experience. It’s also fun to help to sometimes craft it with him. He’s writing extra things,” the actor explained. “Pablo Larraín, the director, has a very clear vision, and there’s a real collaboration going on that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. He’s such a big deal that what he writes is so holy that, in order to really collaborate or change things sometimes, it feels better having him there and having his blessing and knowing that he’s happy with it.”

Lisey’s Story, produced by J.J. Abrams, does not yet have a release date.

Next, a former Star Wars: The Clone Wars writer is attempting to create a sci-fi franchise of his own based on another group of interstellar peacekeepers. Chris Collins, who wrote episodes of the animated Star Wars series along with other shows including The Man in the High Castle, is aiming to develop Dawn of the Paladin into a four-film franchise alongside former History executive vice president Dirk Hoogstra.

Deadline reports that Collins is on board to adapt and co-write the first film in the anticipated series from a spec script by Hoogstra — not to mention some worldbuilding designs from Hoogstra’s Triton City Entertainment team. The film is about a colony of three planets guarded by a small group of Paladins, and blends traditional sci-fi with more of a ‘70s high-fantasy look.

“Some of my favorite scripts I’ve written were for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which allowed me to tap a different part of my imagination,” said Collins. “Dawn of the Paladin presented the same opportunity and has all the raw materials to build a franchise. It’s a sci-fi saga for the next generation.”

A timeline for the planned series has yet to be announced.

Finally, Tony Todd has booked an intriguing new horror/sci-fi project. The Candyman (and its upcoming sequel) star — whose extensive genre bona fides also include Star Trek, the Final Destination franchise, Night of the Living Dead, and Wishmaster — has boarded The Changed.

Directed by Michael Mongillo (Diane, Being Michael Madsen), who co-wrote with Matt Giannini, the film is about mysterious forces taking over the residents of a city, a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Todd joins a cast that already counts Clare Foley (Gotham), Jason Alan Smith (Before I Wake), and Carlee Avers (Veronica Mars) among its ranks, Mongillo confirmed to SYFY WIRE.

The film follows neighbors Mac (Smith), Kim (Foley), and Jane (Avers) as they attempt to survive "something" that "has taken possession of the hearts and minds of the city's population," according to the official synopsis. That includes Bill (Todd), who takes on a mysterious leadership role, even though he's "merged" with an "alien intelligence." Pretty soon the survival of the human race is on the line, as "the entire city is overwhelmed by the inhuman horror of the changed."

Check out the poster below:

The Changed poster

The Changed does not yet have a release scheduled, but Todd can next be seen when director Nia DaCosta’s direct Candyman sequel hits theaters on June 12.