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Take a walk down murder doll memory lane in trailer for 'Chucky' doc 'Living With Chucky'

This spring, go behind-the-scenes of your favorite killer doll.

By Matthew Jackson
Chucky Season 2 Episode 7

The killer doll Chucky: For 35 years he's been on par with Michael, Freddy, and Jason in the elite class of slashers that just never seem to die, and he's done it all while doing his killing from inside a tiny plastic body. Everybody's favorite killer doll isn't just still around. He's more alive than ever before, and Living with Chucky is the documentary to prove it.

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Directed by Krya Elise Gardner, daughter of Chucky effects wizard Tony Gardner, Living with Chucky is an intimate and expansive look at the life and times of Chucky himself, as told by the people who brought him to life. After growing up with the killer doll as a major part of her childhood, Gardner decided to set out and meet all the people her father worked with on the franchise for years, and in the process got an up-close look at Chucky's whole story, from inception to his current TV incarnation.

Along the way, she connected with everyone from Chucky creator Don Mancini to Chucky actor Brad Dourif to Tiffany actor Jennifer Tilly. She even got in touch with other people who were there from the beginning, like original Andy actor Alex Vincent, original Child's Play producer David Kirschner, and many of the puppeteering and visual effects minds who gave life to Chucky over the years. If you're a fan of SYFY's Chucky series, you almost certainly know who most of those folks are — and you've seen them butting heads with all kinds of Good Guy dolls the past couple seasons.

Check out the trailer below:

Living with Chucky premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin last fall, where it immediately won fans for the variety of its interviews, its loving tour through all of Child's Play history, and its personal look at what Chucky has meant to the people who made him. It's a fascinating, very entertaining, and even moving documentary about a horror icon, and if you're a fan of the franchise it's definitely worth checking out.

Living with Chucky premieres on digital and streaming on Screambox April 4.

Catch up on SYFY and USA's Chucky series streaming now on Peacock. Season 3 premieres later this year.