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SYFY WIRE Locke & Key

Locke & Key's cast reveals how their characters change in Season 2 of the Netflix show

The stars of Locke & Key go deep on their characters' storylines in the show's sophomore season.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Locke & Key

The second season of Netflix's Locke & Key has opened its doors. In interviews with SYFY WIRE, Locke & Key actors Darby Stanchfield ("Nina Locke"), Connor Jessup ("Tyler Locke"), Griffin Gluck ("Gabe"), and Hellea Jones ("Eden") elaborated on how Season 1 set up their characters' arcs in the sophomore season.

Warning! Spoilers for Season 1 of Locke & Key will be unlocked below.

At the end of Season 1, we found out that Gabe wasn't just a boarding school kid with a big crush on Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones). Gabe is, in fact, another disguise for the demon Dodge, the villain of the first season who the Locke kids think they destroyed by throwing him through the Omega Door.

Unbeknownst to the Locke kids, Dodge is still in the town of Matheson in the form of Gabe, and he isn't the only demon residing there. We also found out at the end of last season that the Lockes' classmate, Eden, got infected by a demon when they opened the Omega Door. Eden and Gabe are now a demonic duo pretending to be regular old students.

These major changes to Gabe and Eden caused Gluck and Jones to shift their performance accordingly. "I dialed it up," Jones told SYFY WIRE. "I went, 'Okay, Eden is already kind of evil and kind of chaotic in the first season, let's just max this out.' I leaned into her being this problematic, underestimated, can't-be-tamed feisty badass who's just stylin', and the writers made it easy."

Gluck agreed that playing the monstrous villain of both seasons required him to bring more to his performance. "For me, I'm a very small person. I'm not tall. I'm not particularly muscle-bound," he explained. "So in my mind I went into this knowing that I'm not very threatening or frightening, just on my own, with my regular energy. I knew that to get there, I'd have to really amp it up."

Locke & Key

Things, however, don't start out so bad for all the Locke's, at least. "Nina's arc for Season 2 starts really great," Stanchfield said about her character, who's the mother of the three Locke children. "She meets someone, it's a really better place for Nina than we've ever seen her in. And then this spiral happens in the second half of the season as the stakes are higher for the kids … the same thing happens with Nina."

Those higher stakes at some point literally cause some Lockes to take flight. "There's a sequence towards the end of Season 2 that required Emilia and I to be hung in the sky for multiple days at a time with her arms wrapped around me," Jessup shared about his character, Tyler, the oldest Locke son. "Let's just say we had probably more fun than we should have hanging 30 feet off the ground."

The demons, particularly Dodge/Gabe, have their own drama in Season 2.

"Gabe really does not have a leg to stand on," Gluck said about his character. "Gabe's just wrong. There's certain points throughout the season actually where he does explain his goal without explaining the steps he's going to take to get there … he definitely makes the case that this world is just chaotic already, it's filled with stupid people, and that it needs some law in order. And I think that's what Gabe wants to be — he wants to be ruler supreme because if everyone did things his way, things would be fine. Not! He's wrong, but that's his thinking."

Locke & Key Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.