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SYFY WIRE Locke & Key

Locke & Key's showrunners have already written more than half of S2, no greenlight necessary

By Jacob Oller & Jenna Busch

As long as the journey was for Locke & Key from page to screen, now that the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic has finally made it to Netflix, those behind the streaming service’s take on the tale of Key House and the family Locke are wasting no time pushing forward — even if that means writing the second season before an official Netflix renewal.

Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill have previously discussed that they’ve begun writing the sophomore season for Locke & Key ahead of its debut, but now fans can get a more detailed idea of how far into the future the helmers have planned out. Speaking to SYFY WIRE at the premiere’s red carpet, the duo explained that not only have the begun scripting out the future of the show, but they’ve already completed more than half of Season 2.

“We are currently writing it now,” Averill said of the second season. “I can tell you we are seven episodes in and we are having so much fun introducing new keys — keys from the comic, brand new keys — there’s so much story left to tell.” The first season of the series is comprised of 10 episodes, so seven episodes of Season 2 means the showrunners are already past the halfway point and rounding the bend towards the finale (assuming the episode count remains the same).

The first season also ends on a huge cliffhanger, as well as introduces a brand new key (the Mirror Key) to the proceedings, so these writers definitely set themselves up for a big swing if the universe get the continue.

That’s a lot of confidence for a show that hasn’t even gotten the greenlight from its streaming home yet. But, as of this writing, the series is sitting at a solid 77 percent approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes — higher, for example, than Netflix’s last franchise attempt, The Witcher (which has already been renewed for its own follow-up season) — so the go-ahead for a second run at Locke & Key seems very, very likely. With Netflix’s investment in the franchise-ready genre sphere and the preparation of the showrunners backing up this warm reception, it seems like this screenwriting isn’t premature.

In fact, Cuse mentioned that his biggest question for Hill was about the series’ end. “What’s the very last thing you’ll write for Locke & Key?” the showrunner theorized asking the comic creator. The end might not yet be in sight, but the heads of Locke & Key’s Netflix show are already looking far beyond their introductory season.

Fans can finally join in on the fun when Locke & Key’s season one hits Netflix on Friday, Feb. 7.