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SYFY WIRE H.P. Lovecraft

WIRE Buzz: Lovecraft scares up escape room; Peacock goes full Fan Girl; more

By Josh Weiss
Tentacle street art in Germany

The unimaginable and madness-inducing horrors conceived by H.P. Lovecraft are coming to Seattle this summer in the form of a new escape room from Hourglass Escapes, LLC. The company is known for its well-received Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn experience.

Titled Arkham Horror Files, the latest escape room creation is licensed by Asmodee Entertainment and Fantasy Flight Games, the publisher of popular games like Arkham Horror and KeyForge. Arkham is the name of a fictional town in Massachusetts that served as the setting for several of Lovecraft's 20th century horror stories. However, Arkham Horror Files is directly based on the author's famous 1931 novella, "The Shadow over Innsmouth," which dealt with Dagon and the Deep Ones.

"It was such an amazing experience developing and opening the Evil Dead 2 Escape Room,” said Hourglass Escapes founder/creative director Seth Wolfson in a statement. “We feel so lucky to have a chance to create a new experience based on the iconic board and card games set in the Arkham Horror universe published by Fantasy Flight Games.”

Arkham Horror Files escape room

Traveling back in time to 1927, players must solve the mysterious murder of the Gilman Hotel owner over the course of 70 minutes or "fall prey to eldritch horrors." Yuri Lowenthal (voice of Peter Parker in Spider-Man for the PS4) serves as the in-game narrator. In addition, the press release promises that "players will be able to download their characters and costume ideas. They will also receive a special item on arrival that will help their chosen character within the game."

"This new game is going to blow both Arkham Horror and Lovecraftian fans away,” added Wolfson. “Based on 'A Shadow Over Innsmouth,' this will be a story driven escape room with the classic Arkham Horror Files game mechanics woven in."

Arkham Horror Files arrives in Seattle this summer.

Peacock's genre slate just got a little bigger. Deadline has confirmed that NBCUniversal's subscription streaming service is developing a sci-fi comedy series entitled Fan Girl. (SYFY WIRE is also owned by NBCUniversal.)

Hailing from Claudia Lonow, creator of How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), the show centers on "badass freedom fighter, Morrigan Chase. Morrigan escapes certain death in a far away galaxy via a wormhole and lands in the closet of her biggest Fan Girl — edibles-loving Beth — who’s watching similar events unfold on her favorite show, Dominion."


Beth and Morrigan will fight evil each week in an effort to get Beth back home. As time goes on, the pair form a close-knit and unexpected friendship.

Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner’s Hazy Mills, and Universal TV are producing.

Peacock launches for Xfinity customers Apr. 15 before going wide July 15.

Paramount's Snake Eyes origin movie has officially wrapped production, the film's main star, Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), confirmed on Instagram earlier today. It seems like just yesterday that principal photography was kicking off its Japanese side of production.

"...and THAT, is a principal wrap on Snake Eyes lady's and gents," wrote Golding in his IG post. "What a crew we had, Vancouver + Japan, you were unstoppable. Thank you for the dedication, this film is going to blow everyone's socks off."

Helmed by Robert Schwentke (FlightplanRed), the project will explore the origins of the ninja member of the G.I. Joe team. Evan Spiliotopoulos (Beauty and the Beast 2017) wrote the screenplay.

Golding's co-stars are Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Úrsula Corberó as The Baroness, Iko Uwais as Hard Master, Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, Steven Allerick as Snake Eyes' Father, Takehiro Hira, and Haruka Abe.

Snake Eyes sneaks into theaters Friday, Oct. 23.