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Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is your reminder that evil is actually kinda lazy

By Dany Roth
lucy the daughter of the devil

Adult Swim and voice actor, H Jon Benjamin's role in it is long, storied, and wonderful. But not every show he's a part of lasts forever. Not everything finds the instant, squiggly success that Home Movies did. But that doesn't mean weird, single season shows don't deserve your love.

Case in point: the 2007 series, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. While most people remember the stab at religion that was Moral Orel from this mid-aughts era of the Cartoon Network, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil fits much more in the pantheon of popular cartoons that came before and would persist into the 2010s. No surprise there, as it was executive produced by Loren Bouchard who wrote for Dr. Katz, Home Movies, and is the creator for the beloved Fox series, Bob's Burgers. Like with most of those shows, both H Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman voice talents feature prominently.

But unlike those other series, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil acts as both comedy and twisted nightmare fuel.

Yes, the series (which only runs 11 episodes) is about Lucy. She is the anti-christ. Her father Satan (played by H Jon Benjamin) wants her to help bring about the end times. Lucy, however, is more interested in dating a messianic figure, DJ Jesus.

Featuring a general disdain for all religious orthodoxy, bizarre photoshopped backgrounds, ghosts, violent clergy, music festivals, and corny restaurant chains, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is nothing if not highly original.

Today on Every Day Animation, comedian and writer for All Female Reboot, Ariel Elias, talks about Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil and why she continues to love the show. We also talk about how her nickname in school was "Jew." Not sure how that happened, but here we are and I'm sorry. 

On tomorrow's episode of Every Day Animation, assistant editor for The Mary Sue, Princess Weekes, is bringing Superman vs. The Elite, which features some very familiar characters you might have seen recently on The CW's Supergirl. Hope you're thrilled at the thought of us questioning the ethics of Superman, because we sure have thoughts about it! See you tomorrow, friends.

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