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Luke Cage's Mike Colter hints Disney+ could've played a factor in cancellation

By Josh Weiss
Luke Cage Mike Colter Cheo Hodari Coker Netflix

Why did Daredevil and Luke Cage receive the axe at Netflix? At first, there were whispers that Disney wanted to bring the properties over to the company's upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

This was soon discounted as untrue, but Power Man himself, Mike Colter, is bringing those rumors back to the forefront of the conversation. As it turns out, creative differences may not have been the main factor leading to the show's end after two seasons. 

“I have no clue, because it’s one of those things that didn’t happen for any other reason than the powers that be deciding that it was something that they wanted to take back into another platform,” he told IndieWire at Sundance.

The Punisher's second season recently dropped on Netflix. Season 3 of Jessica Jones is expected later in the year and will feature the directorial debut of main star, Krysten Ritter. If Daredevil and Luke Cage were not able to survive the recent wave of cancellations, however, what chance do these two series have? Sadly, probably not much of one.

In any case, Disney (per its contract with Netflix) has to wait a minimum of two years before it can bring any of shows' characters back either in TV or cinematic formats. If they really are hoping to bring them to Disney+ someday, then cancelling them now before the service is even available is a logical business move; Disney+ will still be young and finding its footing once that agreement lapses.

So let's say the shows do, against the odds, come back on the new service. Can Disney get all the original players like Ritter and Charlie Cox back to reprise their heroic characters? Well, that's a question for another time, but right now, one person is very much on board to continue protecting Harlem and New York City.

“Whether it comes back, I don’t know. I’ll be around," Colter added.