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Life is a literal zoo in teaser for Season 7 of Peaock's kid-friendly 'Madagascar: A Little Wild'

Madagascar: A Little Wild returns to Peacock Monday, April 4.

By Josh Weiss
(L-R) Melman, Gloria, Marty, and Alex in Season 7 of Madagascar: A Little Wild

It's time to leave the enclosure behind with the first teaser trailer for Season 7 of Madagascar: A Little Wild. The kid-friendly Peacock spinoff serves as a prequel to the beloved Madagascar films produced by DreamWorks Animation.

Premiering on the NBCUniversal-owned streaming platform next Monday, the new season continues the young exploits of Alex the lion (Tucker Chandler), Marty the zebra (Amir O’Neil), Melman the giraffe (Luke Lowe), and Gloria (Shaylin Becton) the hippo — all of whom are residents of Manhattan's Central Park Zoo. Fortune Feimster (The Mighty Ones; The Mindy Project) and Patrick Warburton (The Emperor's New Groove, A Series of Unfortunate Events) guest star as Manager Cow and Ranger Hay, respectively.

Check out the teaser below:

In terms of specific plot points, according to the official synopsis, "Marty finally has a chance to become a Junior Ranger Zebra; Melman is chosen to perform an original song for his favorite animal country star, if only he can overcome some serious stage fright; Gloria finally gets a taste of the attention she's always craved as the Habitat's first-ever radio show host; and Alex tries his paw at cooking, hoping to become a big time celebrity chef. And the whole gang helps Ant’ney (Eric Petersen) convince his mom that he's mature enough to build a nest of his own!"

Jasmine Gatewood rounds out the voice cast as Kate, the zookeeper. Johanna Stein (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny) serves as executive producer. Dana Starfield (Monster High: Welcome to Monster High) is co-executive producer. 

Given that the series is geared toward a much younger audience, Stein didn't feel like the production had to strictly adhere to the continuity established by the films (of which there are four, including the Penguins of Madagascar spinoff). "Our show exists on an alternate timeline from the movies," the EP explained in 2020. "I was focused on the personalities and dynamics of our four main characters that the fans of the movies -- me included -- have come to love so much. I was also re-watching them to figure out how we would tell stories that embody the same comedy and heart as the movies, but for a younger audience, and in 22 minutes."

Stein continued: "Once we began production, we would get together as a team to screen scenes from the movies during lunchtime 'watch and discuss' sessions, to analyze the design, the animation, the storytelling style, the music. We talked a lot about the snappiness of the movies, and the antic cartooniness of certain sequences. And we broke down things like the characters’ physical signatures, like the way Melman uses his neck, and how and when Marty walks on four legs versus two legs."

Madagascar: A Little Wild returns to Peacock with six fresh episodes Monday, April 4. The first six seasons are now streaming along with the Holiday Goose Chase special.

Key Art for Season 7 of Madagascar: A Little Wild

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