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SYFY WIRE Magic: The Gathering

Magic: the Gathering getting sneaker collaboration, new trailer for Zendikar Rising set

By Jacob Oller
Magic: the Gathering Release Timeline

Magic: The Gathering has been around in nerd circles long enough to know that when it's time to break the news, every detail matters. So in preparation for their upcoming set Zendikar Rising, the Wizards of the Coast game dropped information not only digging deep into the new cards, but collaborations with brands like K-Swiss and The Walking Dead, news on a mobile version of its hit online game MTG Arena, and more — like all the new sets for 2021. They're tapping everything for this release — let's hope there's no blue counters waiting on the other side.

First was a look at the new cards coming later this month. With new Planeswalkers and gameplay mechanics (either returning like Kicker and Landfall or entirely new like Party and Modal Double-Faced Cards), the set has plenty to keep things fresh for longtime players. While the card reveals took place on the MtG's Twitch channel, there was one saved for the official cinematic trailer.

Check it out:

Four minutes of beautiful Zendikar lore for a card game expansion: nobody does backstory and mythos like Magic. The shattered and power-laden plane has an incredible artifact at its apparently worth dying over. The trailer ends with a reveal for a Nahiri Planeswalker card that, hey, looks just like the Nahiri from the cinematic.

Are fans not entertained? What about after learning all about 2021's planned sets? There's the viking world of Kaldheim, university-centric Strixhaven, the Dungeons & Dragons-set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, unnamed Werewolf and Vampire sets for Halloween, Time Spiral Remastered, and Modern Horizons 2.

Still feeling a little aggro and needing a bit more control over these particular cards? Well, news that Magic: The Gathering Arena is confirmed to be launching soon for mobile devices surely won't help them calm down. The hit game has been necessary for fans especially during the pandemic, allowing continued play even while distanced. The only question now is how to get the complex sysem onto a phone.

Finally, Magic has a few collaborations for fans to look forward to in the future: one with The Walking Dead (that fans can see a tease for below) and one with sneaker company K-Swiss.

The Walking Dead Magic: the Gathering

The TWD crossover rules, but let's talk fresh kicks. K-Swiss is emblazoning their Gstaad ’86 sneaker with the look and feel of Magic's iconic Jace Beleren for a limited edition, glow-in-the-dark, leather shoe:

Magic The Gathering x K-Swiss - Gstaad 86 - Jace Beleren

These shoes (only 300 pairs of them) go on sale today here for $100.

Magic: the Gathering's Zendikar Rising hits Arena on Sept.17 and hard copy cards on Sept. 25.