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SYFY WIRE Malignant

New ‘Malignant’ trailer reveals more horrors from James Wan's latest film coming to theaters, HBO Max

By Vanessa Armstrong
Malignant Still

James Wan’s new horror movie, Malignant, is heading to theaters and HBO Max soon, and we’ve got a new trailer to get us suitably terrified for his latest foray into the genre. 

This is the second trailer Warner Bros. has put together for the horror film. The first one introduced us to Maddie (played by The Mummy and Annabelle star, Annabelle Wallis), a woman who is connected to an evil force called Gabriel.

Check out the new trailer here:

The new trailer gives us more footage of Maddie and her run-ins her not-so-imaginary childhood “friend,” Gabriel, an evil force that only she can apparently see. The footage emphasizes how Gabriel has been with Maddie since she was a little girl. Something, however, has caused him to come back.

Gabriel’s return, it seems, has resulted in nothing good; we see Maddie running through a house, someone dropping through the ceiling, and a bunch of people getting tossed around and probably murdered in what looks like a hospital.

The trailer also has Wan talking about the film. “You have to take chances. If you don’t, you end up making the same old thing,” Wan says in the trailer. “I think audiences are starved for something that’s new and different.”

In addition to Wallis, Malignant stars Maddie Hasson (Mr. Mercedes), George Young (Containment), Michole Briana White (Dead to Me), Jacqueline McKenzie (Reckoning), Jake Abel (Supernatural), and Ingrid Bisu (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It).

Wan and Bisu along with scriptwriter Akela Cooper (The Nun) crafted the story, with Cooper penning the script.

See Malignant in theaters and streaming on HBO Max starting Sept. 10, 2021.  

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