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Upgrade your geek lifestyle with this lavish $25 million Star Trek-themed mansion

By Jeff Spry
Trek Home 8

While most of us are bound to the limits of our beautiful planet Earth, Tony Award-winning producer, bold venture capitalist, and tireless hi-tech entrepreneur Marc Bell has solved that problem by installing a Star Trek-themed wonderland in his sprawling Boca Raton, Florida, mansion.

Now back on the market for a cool $25 million, Bell's sweet salute to his Trekkie passions is an astonishing achievement, and that's saying a lot when talking about the ambitious gentleman who helped bring Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages to Broadway, once owned Penthouse magazine, and is soon venturing into space, building and launching micro-satellites with his latest endeavor, Terran Orbital.

Trek Home 2

Drenched in unfathomable luxury, this stellar, 27,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom, 16-bath property features a 60-foot lagoon-style swimming pool and 20-person spa, a 2,000-square-foot arcade gaming room, pirate- and princess-themed bedrooms, a 1,500-bottle wine den, FAA-approved helipad, sculpture garden, tennis courts, and a lavish Star Trek-themed theater patterned after The Next Generation's bridge. The posh mansion first broke ground back in 2002 and took four years to complete.

Bell fondly recalls the exact moment when Star Trek fever first struck.

"I was 10 years old and my dad flew us to Florida for a conference, and when we got to the hotel there was no bed for my sister and I," Bell tells SYFY WIRE. "They put two cots in a conference room and it had a big-screen TV. It was freezing cold out, so we couldn't go anywhere. They were playing a 24-hour Star Trek marathon on TV, and I'd never seen it before. I sat there in amazement and watched the entire marathon. That was my introduction to sci-fi and the series. I loved all the episodes with Harry Mudd."

Trek Home 3

Bell's tastes are certainly eclectic, but his love of all things Star Trek dominates his decorating, with Star Trek props, spaceship miniatures, posters, costumes, rare concept artwork, and one-of-a-kind collectibles lining the walls, shelves, and bookcases. He even owns an original Nimoy-worn pair of prosthetic Spock ears. Indeed!

Star Trek House 1

However, the majority of this jaw-dropping decor is going with him when the gated Mediterranean villa sells, except for the epic $1.5 million Star Trek theater with its built-in custom design, vibrating floor, booming 3D surround-sound system, and broad 10-foot screen.

"George Takei was my favorite of all the Star Trek guys that visited, and he was a fascinating, interesting man," he adds. "My favorite who never visited, but I spoke to on the phone many times, was Leonard Nimoy, who I found to be very sharp and bright."

Trek Home 9

"I'll definitely miss the theater most when the home sells, that's my favorite part," Bell says. "The next would be my bar and arcade. My favorite game of all time there is Atari football. The house is being sold empty; the theater stays intact, obviously. Everything else goes. But if someone wants to pay me double, then we'll have the conversation!"

Recent lottery winners, deep-pocketed dreamers, and prospective buyers wanting to impress friends and influence people can get further info by contacting Marc Bell Real Estate.

The rest of us can drift away to Star Trek heaven and check out more images in the full gallery below!