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The Jade Giant tears through Marvel Avengers: Hulk #1 video game prequel one-shot: Preview

By Jeff Spry
Hulk Hero

This September, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will unchain Marvel's Avengers, one of the most intricate superhero video games to showcase Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and focusing on some provocative corners of the Marvel Universe. To bolster fans' experience going into the release, Marvel Comics has concocted a series of one-off issues to add dimension and backstory before gamers are ushered into its digital domain.

Following December's Marvel Avengers: Iron Man #1, from Jim Zub and Paco Diaz, then last month's Marvel Avengers: Thor #1 courtesy of Zub and artist Robert Gill, the latest prequel one-shot stars the Jade Giant in a standalone tale designed to stimulate excitement for the upcoming mega-game.

Again penned by Zub (Champions, Avengers: No Road Home), but this time accented with intense artwork via Ariel Olivetti (Daredevil, Space Ghost), Marvel Avengers: Hulk #1 smashes into comic shops on Feb. 5 — and SYFY WIRE is serving up a special expanded preview.

Hulk 1

This all-new story aims straight for the narrative heart of this fall's monster video game release. Here, a genius geneticist at S.H.I.E.L.D. named Monica attempts to help Bruce Banner to seek out his violent pattern of excessive rage and hopefully harness the destructive gamma radiation that fuels the abominable alter ego known as the Hulk.

Banner teams up with this inquisitive scientist to try and regulate the roaring beast forever. While their dangerous experiments delve deeper into the medical mystery, a catastrophic event unfolds that could spell doom for much more than just Banner’s curse.

Hulk Slice 1

Zub has been adequately primed by the whole Crystal Dynamics team, which has looped him in on their elaborate game's storyline, the background elements that drive its epic plot, and a few hints about exactly where the twists and turns might pop up.

"Our Hulk story grapples with anger and control and some unexpected additions that tease major conflicts to come in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers video game," Zub tells SYFY WIRE. "It's classic superhero storytelling anyone — comic readers, movie watchers, or gamers — can dive into.  Marvel's Gamerverse fuses together iconic aspects of Bruce Banner's story from comics, films, and more. I can't wait for readers to see it all come together and take the power of the Hulk into their own hands once the game is released."

Hulk Slice 2

Stomp into our five-page preview of Marvel Avengers: Hulk #1 in the full gallery below. Meanwhile, Marvel's Avengers arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on Sept. 4.