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Legion: Marvel TV chief hoping for more from Noah Hawley in the future

By Benjamin Bullard
Legion final seeason poster

The series finale of Legion is upon us, bringing to an end FX’s three trippy seasons through a decidedly unique and mind-bending corner of the X-Men universe. Much of the show’s expansive visuals and quirky, convention-defying themes owe directly to series creator Noah Hawley’s auteur-like take on what it must feel like to be trapped inside the mind of David Haller (aka Legion). But for the fan followers who’ve come to adore the show, saying goodbye after this week’s final episode may feel premature — an antihero parting that’s happening too soon.

While there’s no concrete news out there about whether Legion in its current incarnation, with Dan Stevens in the title role, has any future at all once the show wraps on FX, Marvel and its corporate parent Disney appear wide open and ready to embrace any ideas Hawley might come up with — should he decide, at any point, to dive back in.

Speaking with Deadline recently, Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb said it’s “our hope” that the series finale of Legion on FX won’t put a final epitaph on Hawley’s overall involvement with the character, or the world he created for Legion to inhabit.

“As to the future, that world and those characters will always be there. It’s our hope that Noah will want to return to them in any capacity he thinks is worth telling,” Loeb explained. “FX remains a huge priority for us, because we can tell those unexpected stories there and [FX president] John Landgraf is something of a visionary himself. They ‘get’ us and we ‘get’ them. We like all of that.”

Though we're obviously reading into things, that almost sounds as though FX, under Disney’s ownership, may remain a landing spot for more mature Marvel projects that don’t slot neatly into the studio’s other TV plans — whether those projects ever include more Legion or not. Either way, Loeb said Hawley’s creative vision has been key to the studio’s appreciation of the character that he and Stevens brought to the small screen, and would likely be key to any near-term future that Legion might yet have.

“It’s a remarkable show created and visualized by an extraordinary filmmaker,” said Loeb. “Noah carried this from the start — told us how he wanted the show to begin and how he wanted it to end — and we’ve respected that. Having FX as our partner made it very exciting as well from both a creative and marketing standpoint.”

Hawley has said that his vision for the show always hinged on a three-season run, but as Legion has picked up fans who’ve come to acquire the taste for one of Charles Xavier’s most problematic mutants, the series’ end may leave viewers begging for more. In the meantime, the ride’s already been pretty wild. Are Noah Hawley and Dan Stevens too good a match to really say goodbye to Legion forever? Let us know your take on all three seasons of Marvel’s mind trip, and whether you’d like to see more Legion on the small (or even the big) screen.