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Disney Channel debuts eye-popping teaser for new Marvel series 'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur'

The animated series from executive producer Laurence Fishburne will skate onto Disney Channel in Summer 2022.

By Josh Weiss
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur YT

More than two years ago, Disney Channel announced a new animated series based on Marvel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comics. After all this time, we finally have a teaser trailer for the project, which hails from executive producer Laurence Fishburne. The 30-second video, which includes a short message from Fishburne, doesn't give up much in the way of plot, instead preferring to showcase the eye-popping animation style fans will get to see when the title premieres in summer 2022.

The narrative takes place in New York City, where the titular duo (a 13-year-old genius and her 10-ton dinosaur) work together to protect the Lower East Side from all sorts of danger. SYFY WIRE just so happened to be in the same place as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur co-creator, Brandon Montclare, when news of the adaptation first broke in the summer of 2019. As such, we were able to pick his brain on the exciting development.

"It’s been in the works for a long time and Laurence Fishburne producing it for a while, trying to make it happen," Montclare, who co-created the characters with Amy Reeder and Natacha Bustos, exclusively told us. "It’s gone through a lot of different phases of development, as cartoons sometimes do, but the announcement today was fantastic. I was almost as surprised as anybody else. I only knew about it for a little while before it became official ... I’m looking forward to it like all the fans who have been excited. I’ve only seen bits and pieces. I’m only a short distance ahead of all the fans, so I’m looking forward to it just like everybody else."

Watch the teaser below:

Moon Girl's actual name is Lunella Lafayette and she's a young prodigy and inventor, whose interest in Kree technology allowed her to form a bond with a massive red T. rex accidentally summoned from an alternate reality. Lunella is also a NuHuman (an individual with human and Inhuman DNA), which allows her to switch minds with Devil Dinosaur at any time.

Diamond White (The Lion Guard) will voice Lunella on the Disney Channel series, leading a cast that also includes Alfred Woodard (Lunella's grandmother, Mimi), Libe Barer (Lunella's best friend and manager, Casey), Sasheer Zamata (Lunella's mom, Adria) Jermaine Fowler (Lunella's dad, James Jr.), Fred Tatasciore (Devil Dinosaur), and Gary Anthony Williams (Lunella's grandfather, Pops). In addition to producing, Fishburne will also lend his voice to a recurring character known as The Beyonder, "a curious and mischievous trickster," reads the release.

Check out the first bit of key art below:

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Key Art PRESS

"I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of things," Montclare continued. "How the animation/art team handles her gizmos and all her inventions, which are always gonna be a lot of fun. To have a 4-foot 10-year-old and a 30-foot T. rex, it’s hard to always put them in the same space all day long; you gotta come up with interesting stories and reasons to keep that fresh over a thousand pages, which is what we’re coming up on. In a different medium, in the cartoon, it’s gonna be really cool to see all that stuff."

Helen Sugland (Black-ish) and Steve Loter (Kim Possible) serve as executive producers alongside Fishburne.