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SYFY WIRE Moon Knight

Thanks in part to brunch, Marvel's ‘Moon Knight’ had the least amount of reshoots in the MCU

Nothing like a big brunch to bring people together. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Moon Knight PRESS

Nothing brings a cast and crew together like a Sunday brunch. And for the actors and directors of the MCU series Moon Knight, having everyone sit at the table to talk about the show had a tangible effect on the production. 

“Everyone who's sitting here added his soul to this project,” series director Mohamed Diab said during a press conference today, attended by SYFY WIRE. “And I have to say that we hold the record of having the least additional photography in the history of Marvel because we rehearsed a lot.”  

Oscar Isaac — who plays the titular Moon Knight, a Marvel superhero who has dissociative identity disorder — went on to describe the setting for their extra rehearsal time. “When we were shooting, we would all sit around the table and have like a Sunday brunch and we would all just talk about the show,” he said. 

Ethan Hawke, who plays Moon Knight’s antagonist in the series, agreed that brunch was a boon for the team and added that “it brought our collective imagination into one thing.”

It’s clear a lot of imagination went into Moon Knight, a show largely told from the point of view of at least two personalities of Isaac’s character: Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Playing two distinct personas was also a unique exercise for Isaac, and one that he leaned on family for. 

“The first step was to hire my brother to come in and be the other me,” Isaac said, when asked how he approached portraying Grant and Spector in scenes where they're talking to each other. “It's the closest thing to me there is, so he came in and he would play either Steven or Marc, even do the accent and everything, both accents, so that was really helpful to have someone that's not only a great actor, but also shares my DNA to play off of.”

Even with his brother on board, it was still demanding for Isaac to take on both parts. “I'm having to show up and decide which character I was going to play first and then try to block that out, give my brother notes, and then do the scene, and then switch characters,” he said. “Maybe the most fun thing about acting is acting opposite somebody and letting something spontaneous happen that you didn't expect. But there wasn't really an opportunity to do that and [you still had to] find what makes it feel spontaneous and not all planned out. So that was challenging.”

You can see Isaac tackle both Marc and Steven when Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney+.